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Rockwall’s Applebees restaurant offers excellent customer service

Extreme kudos to Rockwall’s Applebee’s restaurant, which my wife and I have recently learned offers tremendous customer service…and great food!

My wife and I have enjoyed eating at Applebee’s restaurant in Rockwall for the past few months, ever since my daughter worked there and introduced us to their fine food.

My wife is absolutely in love with the chicken pecan salad, one of their top-sellers, from what the manager told us.

The fajita nachos are also some of the best we’ve ever tasted anywhere. The queso is particularly delicious!

I really enjoy their tender, delicious, small sirloin steak, with a big baked potato and fresh vegetable. It costs less than $10 and is one of finest tasting steaks I’ve ever had! That surprised me, frankly, because I thought it was more of a casual food place like Chili’s or something!

Anyway… the reason I say their service is excellent is because, even after I complained on several occasions about how poorly cooked two steaks were – compared to those which I had previously been served several times – the managers and servers were the very best about the problems and worked really hard until the cooking problem was identified and solved.

It all started when I ordered a small sirloin two months ago, but it just wasn’t cooked correctly. It actually tasted like a tough teriyaki steak.

It took them a couple of weeks to figure out that one of the chefs was rush-cooking some steaks when they got busy, and the meat just didn’t turn out right. Lots of other people complained, too.

Bottom line, though, is that Applebee’s managers ended up providing us with two or three free steaks plus a free dinner for my wife, to ensure we kept coming back.

After the experiences, we will continue to eat at Applebee’s regularly and often. We know that not only will the food and service be great – but if it isn’t they will bend over backwards to please us!

I highly recommend Applebee’s restaurant in Rockwall, on the I-30 southside feeder road, next to Chili’s.

Can new Royse City city manager really “head ship on down road?”

Just reread this Royse City Herald Banner article that when new Royse City city manager Bill Shipp was introduced at the council meeting last week he said he’s “pleased to have this ship now to head on down the road.” 

Shipp’s comments were brief, stating merely “I’m pleased to have this ship now to head on down the road.”

Now that will be quite a feat! How’s he going to do that…and head a ship down a road? That would take quite some work!

Of course, maybe that’s just what he was just thinking! Putting Royse City’s finances back in the black will take some real work!

Is that what you meant, Bill, or do you just need to find a better “ship” analogy? Like “head the ship on down the river” or “up the creek?”

Whatever the case, we wish you well, Bill. Hope the ship won’t sink in your new position!

Giant Costco store opens in Rockwall

The giant Costco store opened in Rockwall at 8 a.m. today at the intersection of Highways 276 and 205, just South of I-30.

Members of the Rockwall Chamber of Commerce arrived before the store opened to celebrate the grand opening.

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