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Only 303 early voters at Rowlett annex thus far

Just read that only 303 early voters had cast ballots through last Sunday at the Rowlett Annex for Rowlett City Council positions on Mayor Pro Tem Todd Gottel’s Facebook site.

He says over 30,000 voters are registered in Rowlett!

You’ll enjoy 2-for-1 steak nights at Southern Junction

ROYSE CITY – Wednesday nights are 2-for-1 steak nights at the huge Southern Junction Nightclub & Steakhouse. My wife and I took a house guest there recently and had a great time! It’s located just 10 minutes east of Rockwall on Hwy. 276 near Blackland. Families are welcome on weeknights so you can eat and dance there with your kids. They even have a mechanical bull you can ride and have your picture taken on!

We enjoyed eating delicious $20 T-bone and New York Strip steaks – which you either season and grill yourself over an open flame or pay an extra $2 to have someone cook it for you – plus huge Idaho baked potatoes covered with all the fixins’, a large house salad and all the buttery Texas Toast you can eat.

Then we danced some of it off to the live music of the excellent Marcus Lindsey C & W House Band, which recently signed its first recording contract. The night ended at about 10 pm, when most everyone went home.

On weekends, however, you can still enjoy eating the 2-for-1 charbroiled steak dinners – if you get there before 7 pm! – plus dance into the night until 2 am or so. It’s  great entertainment for quite reasonable prices, considering all you get! Get there after 7 pm and dinners are still just $20 each.

For info, see

Quizno’s goes out of business in Rockwall…again!

Darn! I loved the Italian Torpedo sandwich at Quizno’s but when I went there yesterday to grab one, the door was locked and lights turned off…again!

For the second time in about two years, Quizno’s has closed in Rockwall. It also closed in Rowlett, I discovered today.

Could it be because they never advertise, except for some coupons they distribute once in a while?

I’ve seen so many businesses go out of business because they don’t advertise correctly.

I can predict some more Rockwall businesses that will go out soon because they don’t. I’ve been around long enough to spot them.

Ninety percent of businesses fail within their first five years – largely because they think they can just rely on word of mouth – among other reasons. Most don’t even have a written business plan.

What is the old saying, “If you don’t plan to succeed, you’re planning to fail!”

Good-bye, Quiznos’s Italian torpedo sandwich…again!

Heath, Rockwall football teams ranked in Area 4A top 20

Rockwall-Heath has been ranked 10th and Rockwall 13th in the 2010 preseason rankings by five Dallas Morning News high school sports writers.

Heath returns four starters on defense and four on offense from last year’s team which finished 7-4, including running back Dorian Lawry (pictured above).

Rockwall returns seven starters on offense and five on defense from last year’s team which finished 4-6, including running back Josh Broach (pictured above).

Other teams from the revamped District 10-4A are also ranked.

Highland Park, with one starter returning on offense and one on defense, is ranked second from last year’s 11-2 district championship team.

Richardson Pearce is ranked 14th, with one starter returning on offense and four on defense. They finished 6-5 last year.

Wylie, returning three of offense and three on defense, is ranked 16th after finishing 3-7 last year.

Tex-Mex restaurant to open soon at The Harbor

Luna de Noche Tex-Mex Grill will soon be opening at The Harbor, across from Gloria’s, where several other restaurants have come and gone during the past few years.

With five other locations already in operation in Dallas, Northpark, Victory Park, Garland and Plano, the Tex-Mex restaurant certainly has the experience to last.

This will be the third restaurant at The Harbor to serve Mexican food.

No other details are yet available.

Son of Heath Public Safety Chief brings home American flag that flew over Afgan Marine base

Just learned that the son of City of Heath Public Safety Chief Terry Garrett  has just returned home from a tour of duty in Afghanistan.

U.S. Marine Sgt. Travis Garrett, a 2002 Rockwall High school graduate, brought with him an American flag that flew over the Marine base in Kandahar, Afghanistan, on Sept. 11, 2009.

The flag is now framed and hanging on the wall in the Heath Public Safety Dept. for all to see.

His mother is Mrs. Bonnie Rector of Dallas and step-mother is Rockwall High School Assistant Principal Shelley Garrett

Watch for a story soon in about Travis and his “kid” brother, Tyler Garrett, who’s a 2005 RHS grad and has already completed one tour of duty in Baghdad, Iraq.

The Garrett family really believes in public service. We should be grateful to have them in our community!

The above photo was provided  by the City of Heath and features:

Heath DPS officers display the American flag that once flew over a Marine base in Afghanistan and now hangs in their station. The flag was brought to Chief Terry Garrett by his son Travis, who recently completed a tour of duty to Afghanistan. From left: DPS Officers Brian Burton, Andrew Poindexter, Chief Garrett  and Mark Rogers. Inset into photo from left: Sergeant Travis Garrett, USMC, and Specialist Tyler Garrett, Army National Guard.

Don’t forget to read the small print in Sears ads

A friend of mine told me that he went to purchase a Kenmore washer-dryer combo at Rockwall’s local Sears store on Black Friday, after seeing a Sears ad on TV promoting their sale price of $579.

When he arrived before Noon at the Store, he was told they had already sold their allotment of four washer-dryer combos and could not sell anymore at that price.

I checked the Black Friday ad online and noticed the small print, but called the store to ask what it said because the type was too small for me to read.

The Sears store owner read the small print to me, which did read that only four per store were permitted. But my friend said the TV ad did not include such small print, or if it did, that it went by so fast he didn’t see it.

So this post is a warning…be sure to read or look out for the small print in Sears store ads (and others) this Christmas season…or anytime.

A courteous sales clerk at our local Sears store told me the reason for the limit of four combos per store. He said last year Sears held a similar sale, but by the time the stores opened in the Central, Mountain and Pacific time zones, Sears had already sold out in their Eastern Time Zone stores, which had opened an hour earlier.

This year, Sears decided to limit sales in stores across the country to prevent running out of inventory nationwide again.

Frankly, what Sears did sounds rather lame to me.  I also emailed Sears corporate and received the standard apology.

If Sears or any other stores can’t meet demand for such a loss leader sale item, then they shouldn’t advertise it for such a low price.

So don’t forget to read the small print in Sears (or other stores) ads!