Monthly Archives: March 2008

Without rain, Aspasians Arts & Crafts Fair a big success

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The day-long Aspasians Arts & Crafts Fair was a big success March 29 – largely because it didn’t rain, as it usually does. The twice-per-year event, held on Rockwall’s Downtown Square, all around the old County Courthouse, is always lots of fun and attended by thousands of people. It’s a great place to meet friends you haven’t seen for a while. But it usually rains in either the morning or afternoon, which tends to slow things up a bit. Not this year! The weather was beautiful, so thousands of lovers of arts, crafts, clothes, purses, sunglasses, jams, jellies, salsas, roasted corn, roast turkey on a stick, cotton candy, popcorn and so much more were there in attendance all day long.

Although my wife and I didn’t buy anything this time, cash registers did seem to be ringing…or beeping…or whatever they do nowadays. Everyone looked happy.

Proceeds raised by the Aspasian ladies from booth sales go towards college scholarships for Rockwall ISD High School students. Great ladies, great fun and can’t wait ’til Sept. or Oct. for the next one.

But don’t ask what the word “Aspasians” means…because nobody seems to know – not even the ladies! It’s apparently a word that someone made up…and it stuck! Good job, somebody!