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Even angels need help

Marilyn Mock smiling

Just came across a nice article about Rockwall’s own Foreclosure Angel Marilyn Mock, describing how much her life has changed since helping Tracy Orr to save her house from foreclosure. She’s also helped four and maybe five other homeowners to save their homes.

Marilyn says she dearly wants to help as many people as she can, but she needs our donations to do so.

Click here to read the Dallas Morning News Neighbors Go story  

Foreclosure Angel Marilyn Mock getting more publicity

Noticed a nice story written by Dallas Morning News writer Marcia Carroll-Burzair about Rockwall business owner and Foreclosure Angel Marilyn Mock’s passion to help struggling homeowners avoid foreclosure. She’s already helped five homeowners. You go, Marilyn!

Click here to read the story.

‘Foreclosure Angel’ saves another homeowner, featured on ABC-TV’s 20/20 last week


Rockwall’s own “Foreclosure Angel” Marilyn Mock and family have saved another homeowner from losing her home to foreclosure – this time in Minnesota.

Mock, who with her husband, Bruce, co-owns the local family business, Classic Rock Stoneyard,  returned earlier this month with her daughter, Alyssa, from St. Cloud MN where their Foreclosure Angel Foundation came to the rescue of  Shirley Dvorak, paying off $30,000 in mortgage arrears and back taxes. 

Because of her efforts, Mock and her Foundation were once again featured on TV – this time June 19 on ABC’s 20/20 program. Click here to see the ”New Normal: Paying It Forward” video.

Mock first caught national attention last year when she attended a Dallas foreclosure auction, purchased a foreclosed home on the auction block in behalf of complete stranger Tracy Orr and sold it back to her for whatever payments she could afford- with no interest.

Since then, Mock has established her non-profit Foundation, raised an additional $65,000 from additional good-hearted donors and is currently investigating how they can help other homeowners in need. 

The Foundation now receives thousands of applications for help, which can be downloaded from the website. After the Foundation provides financial assistance, the Foundation applies whatever montly payments are received to help additional distressed homeowners.

Mock says she is also is seeking donations from more good-hearted people  who want to help homeowners to keep their homes. The contributions can be made online at their website.

According to Mock’s daughter, Alyssa, who co-founded Classic Rock with her mother, and who assists her with the Foundation, their second experience with helping the St. Cloud homeowner “was simply amazing.”

Read an additional ABC News story here about the experience here.

Additional details about the Foreclosure Angel Foundation and their Classic Rock business will be featured soon in a story on TheRockwallNews.com.

Rockwall citizen Marilyn Mock nominated for Dallas Morning News “Texan of Year”

The Rockwall woman who recently made national headlines for purchasing a foreclosed home in Rockwall and returning it to the owners, Marilyn Mock, has been nominated as “Texan of the Year” in the Dallas Morning News contest.

To read who else has been nominated for the honor, click here.

For more information about what she did, visit www.rockwallrocks.com/community.html.