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Fundraising scam alert about businesses selling advertising for Royse City ISD

A fundraising scam alert has been issued by Royse City ISD to warn businesses in Royse City not to purchase advertising on T-shirts, cups, on the radio and stadium scoreboard by a company called End Zone, which is falsely claiming to represent Royse City ISD.

There may also be other companies attempting to sell merchandize and/or advertising which are not authorized by RCISD.

The alert was issued Sept. 22 by RCISD Superintendent Randy Hancock. It reads as follows:

September 22, 2008

Dear Royse City Chamber Members:

There has been at least one company – the one we know of is End Zone – that has gone around to some of our businesses in the area and used Royse City ISD as a way to sell advertising. They were selling advertising for cups or t-shirts and in turn they have promised “air time” during our football games and ads on the scoreboard. Please be aware, these groups are not sanctioned by us and they do not have the authority to use our district for their profit. Furthermore , if necessary, we will use legal action to stop these groups if they can be identified.

If you have anyone come by your business and offer to sell you ads – please verify that they are directly connected to the district. This should only be our booster clubs or student organizations. If someone comes to you, and you do not know them, ask who they are representing and ask for the sponsor’s name. If they provide you one – tell them you want to verify the event before you agree to anything. The above mentioned group actually provided one of our employee’s name so it seemed legitimate. So feel free to actually call the appropriate campus and speak to that person before you give them any money.

I apologize to those of you that may have been caught in one of these deals. We appreciate the support we receive from everyone and we certainly do not want to see any of you taken advantage of and we don’t want others to profit from these inappropriate acts.


Randy Hancock

For further information, call RCISD at 972-635-2413.

Six Rockwall County schools achieve “Exemplary” ratings from TEA

Reinhardt Elementary School

(Click on photo to enlarge)

Six Rockwall County public schools received an “Exemplary” rating – equal to an “A” – according to the Texas Education Agency’s annual performance ratings just released August 1.

The ratings were based on TAKS scores, as well as student dropout and high school completion rates.

School district superintendents, school boards, teachers and parents use the annual ratings as the primary measurement of how schools are performing. Parents and real estate agents typically use the evaluations to locate neighborhoods with the most effective schools.

The six schools – five located in the Rockwall ISD – were Amy Park-Heath Elementary School, Grace Hartman Elementary School, Nebbie Williams Elementary School, Sharon Shannon Elementary School and Virginia Reinhardt Elementary School.

Miss May Vernon Elementary School is located in the Royse City ISD.

Eight Rockwall and Royse City ISD schools received a “Recognized” rating – equal to a “B.” They were Amanda Rochell Elementary School, Celia Hays Elementary School, Cullins-Lake Pointe Elementary School, Dorothy Smith Pullen Elementary School, Dorris A Jones Elementary School, Howard Dobbs Elementary School, W R (Bill) Fort Elementary School and J W Williams Middle School.

Nine schools received an “Acceptable” rating – equal to a “C.” They were Davis Elementary School, Maurine Cain Middle School, Ouida Springer Elementary School, Rockwall ISD Alternative Learning Center, Rockwall High School, Rockwall Quest Academy, Rockwall-Heath High School, Royse City Middle School and Royse City High School.

For comparison’s sake, most area high schools within 20 miles received “Acceptable” ratings, except for Caddo Mills, all three Plano, plus Rowlett High Schools, which received “Recognized” ratings.

To see all of the school information released, visit http://www.greatschools.net.

High school Bible course passes state board of education

The Texas State Board of Education voted yesterday 10-5 to approve the teaching of Bible courses in Texas high schools beginning this Fall, but left it up to the local school districts to figure out how to design those classes so they don’t violate religious-freedom protections.

The course is supposed to be geared to academic, nondevotional study of the Bible, and cover such things as the influence of the New Testament on law, literature, history and culture.

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott has told the Board that his office can’t guarantee the classes will be constitutional because they haven’t been reviewed, but the state standards which they have seen do appear to comply.

Critics contend that the standards which are based on old guidelines for independent studies in English and social studies, are so vague and general that many schools might create unconstitutional Bible classes unknowingly that either promote the religious views of teachers or criticize the religious beliefs of some students.

For example, earlier this year, the Ector County school board had to quit using a Bible course curriculum at two high schools in Odessa that the American Civil Liberties Union said promoted Protestant religious beliefs not shared by Jews, Catholics, Orthodox Christians and many Protestants.