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New Dragonfly Asian restaurant opening soon at The Harbor

A new upscale Asian restaurant called the “Dragonfly Asian Grill and Sushi Bar” will be opening soon at The Harbor in Rockwall, where French restaurant Cote D’Azur previously was.

I recently met the very nice and friendly owner, Lori Ann Price, who welcomed and spoke with me even though I showed up unexpectedly and she was in the middle of organizing the restaurant. That seems like a sign of good things to come!

Lori also owns the Tom Tom Asian restaurant and a sports bar in the Dallas area, she said.

When I asked her why she thought Dragonfly would succeed where two other restaurants failed, she smiled and said her organization has plenty of experience in the restaurant business and knows they will succeed in Rockwall.

She said they chose the name Dragonfly specifically for this location because there are so many of the exoticm harmless flying insects flying around Lake Ray Hubbard.  

She said they hope to open the eatery in early Sept.

Sounds great to me! We’ve been searching for a really good Asian restaurant. We’ve had too many bad experiences with Chinese food restaurants in Rockwall, although I’ve heard both Kyoto and Edohana are excellent Japanese restaurants.

Jason Castro talks about his new single


Here’s an article from last week’s Entertainment Weekly about Jason Castro’s new single and debut album:

Jason Castro talks about his new single, his upcoming debut album, and (not) getting the last laugh

Rockwall Yellow Jackets win ’09 season opener; defeat Midland last night, 31-26

Rockwall High School Coach Scott Smith said last month that Rockwall’s Yellow Jackets have plenty of talent this year and “can be as good as they want to be.” If Friday night’s victory over Midland is any indication, Rockwall could be pretty good.

Junior running back Josh Broach ran over Midland newly-installed 4-3 defense for 193 yards on 31 carries, scoring four touchdowns, leading the Yellow Jackets to a 31-26 victory last night in their 2009 season opener at Midland’s Grande Communications stadium.

Broach scored all of the Yellow Jackets’ TDs – scoring in every quarter – on runs of 1,1, 6 and 22 yards.

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Click here to read another account of the game in Midland’s Reporter-Telegram.   





El Rojo Coyote Cantina to open in Rockwall at former Smitty’s restaurant

Received a note recently from former Rockwall City Council member Bob Cotti to look out for a new restaurant opening soon in Rockwall called El Rojo Coyote Cantina.

It will move in to the former “Smitty’s” restaurant in Old Town Rockwall on Hwy. 66.

Mexican restaurants always seem to do well nowadays. We’ll have more information for you soon.

Chandler’s Landing Country Club foreclosed upon; to be auctioned off Sept. 1 in Rockwall

chandlers landing club

Out of business for over the past month, Chandler’s Landing Country Club in Rockwall has been foreclosed upon and will be sold to the highest bidder Sept. 1 at the monthly Rockwall County Sheriff’s auction.

The foreclosure auction takes place the first Tuesday of each month outside the front door of the Rockwall County office building at 1101 Ridge Rd.

According to Chip Imrie, president of the Chandler’s Landing Community (Homeowner’s) Association, Club owners David and Susan Gaskill had filed for bankruptcy protection but no other option is now left since their case was recently dismissed. 

The Gaskills did not respond to requests by phone for comments.

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‘Cash for Clunkers’ ending, has been big help for Rockwall auto dealers

Cash for Clunkers

Now that the federal government has announced the “Cash for Clunkers” program in ending Aug. 24, Rockwall area auto dealers say the  program has been a big help for boosting sales during the past two months, although collecting payments has been very difficult.

Sales have increased about 25-30 percent at Lakeside Chevrolet and Heritage Buick Pontiac GMC, according to their respective owners/general managers Bob Holliman and Robert Bobo.

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County law enforcement agencies announce program to deter Labor Day drunk driving


Rockwall County Criminal District Attorney Kenda Culpepper and law enforcement agencies from across Rockwall County held a joint news conference Aug. 20 to announce a new pilot program designed to deter more people from driving drunk on County streets and highways over the Labor Day weekend.

Between Labor Day and New Year’s Day is traditionally the period when the most drivers are arrested for driving while intoxicated.   

Culpepper explained that individuals who are arrested on suspicion of driving while intoxicated over the Labor Day weekend and who refuse either a breath or blood sample will now be required by a court order to provide a blood sample.

She said the new “2009 Labor Day No Refusal Weekend” program will finally provide the district attorney’s office with the scientific evidence they need to convict a drunk driver in a trial. The program will run from Midnight, Sept. 4, to 5 pm, Sept. 8.

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Rockwall’s Colonial Bank fails, taken over by BB&T; fifth largest bank failure ever


Just read that Colonial Bank in Rockwall was shut down yesterday by federal regulators as part of the fifth largest banking failure in history. It was one of 346 Colonial branches shut down, including the main office in Montgomery AL.

Colonial was supposedly taken over today by BB&T (Branch Banking & Trust Co.) 

Click here to read the Fox Business news story.

Customers with questions can call the FDIC at 800-405-8739, or visit a Web site created to provide information about the failure

 Wonder if the big, bright electronic sign by I-30 will stay?

Primos Tex-Mex Grille on Lake Ray has great view, poor food


Primos Tex-Mex Grille in Garland  may have a great patio overlooking Lake Ray Hubbard, but if it’s great food you’re after, then it sure wasn’t the place to go last night! 

After we were escorted to a table on the patio, which has a number of cool water fans circulating to keep the temperature tolerable, we ordered simple beef fajitas and some extra queso. The waitress was very nice,  but the food was rather slow – maybe just because it was a very busy Friday evening.

Anyway, we were first brought some decent tasting chips and tasty salsa that wasn’t – for a change – too hot. Then she brought the “queso” or whatever in the world it was. One bite was enough to convince us to send it back. It looked like some version of cheese whiz, or a very low imitation of the queso you’d get at a high school football game. But there was virtually no taste! Didn’t see one speck of jalapenos or anything else. It was just like whipped cheese whiz. After we told our server that we didn’t like it, she said “No problem. Lot’s of people say they don’t like the queso.”  So I wonder why they keep serving it?

Next came the main course, but unfortunately it was the blandest fajita steak we’ve ever had. It was tender, and they did give us a generous portion of the half-pound we ordered. But my wife said she only ate them because she was starving. I found them tasty enough and, mixed with some decent rice, lettuce and tomatoes, I felt satisfied enough.

We were just very disappointed overall that the steak fajitas were nothing like we expected. We always find them to be superb at On The Border every time we go there. Last night we just thought we’d try some place new. Obviously, some times you win, sometimes you lose, when you take a risk. 

Also be aware, Primos appears to be a great watering hole, but it is very noisy inside and out. Looked to me the patio was more for meeting people than eating. Nothing wrong with that – just be aware.

“Cash for Clunkers” stirring sales for local auto dealers


The federal government’s new billion-dollar “Cash for Clunkers” trade-in program has really stirred the public and boosted car sales during the past week, say two local Rockwall auto dealers.

Lakeside Chevrolet co-owner Bob Holliman told me today that sales at his dealership at I-30 and Hwy. 205 have increased by 25 percent since July 24, when the billion-dollar program began.

Heritage Buick Pontiac GMC owner Robert Bobo said today that his dealership on the I-30 feeder road next to Rockwall High School has sold a dozen cars and likewise boosted sales 25-30 percent during the past week.

Under the plan as enacted, vehicles purchased after July 1 are eligible for refund vouchers worth $3,500 to $4,500 on traded-in older gas guzzlers. The trade-in vehicle has to get a combined city and highway fuel economy rating of 18 miles per gallon or less.

“The public is getting one heck of a deal,” said Holliman. “It’s an administrative nightmare for dealers and the federal government, but the public is getting a great deal. Now is a great time to buy!”

Bobo said a few drivers have been disappointed to learn their cars were too fuel-efficient to qualify for the program, but “we’ve sold a few to them anyway,” he added.

Holliman said that the federal government “vastly underestimated” how popular the program would be. That’s why the program ran through a billion dollars in one week.

He said he expects Congress to pass another bill shortly appropriating another $2 billion to continue the program.

According to Bobo, for drivers with cars that don’t qualify for the federal program, there is also a similar State rebate program called AirCheck Texas, which provides $3,000 vouchers for trade-ins of cars over ten years old, but the program is out of money until probably October.

“There’s also an income requirement of no more than $25,000 per year, so it’s harder to qualify,” he said. “But we have helped customers to purchase new cars with that program and will try hard to help again this Fall.”

What happens to the old clunkers?

Holliman said they are taken away and crushed “like a tin can.”

Randall Noe Hyundai, the third area dealership located east of Rockwall on I-30, has chosen not to participate in the program, according to sales manager Scott Morlino.