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Reporter Dauben not mistaken after all about Deuell grade

Apparently Ellis County Press reporter Joey Dauben didn’t mistakenly report Sen. Deuell was given a F grade by AFP  for his voting record, after all. It just looked that way to me.

Dauben wrote that Deuell’s grade was “on par” with several Democrats. In the same paragraph that he mentioned Sen. Bob’s name, he also mentioned Democrat Royse West, who received an F grade. Since that was the only grade mentioned in the story, it was very easy to misunderstand, but Dauben did not mistakenly report Deuell had an F.

According to the reporter, he actually ran a front page story in the Ellis County Press Dec. 24, showing that Sen. Deuell received a C grade.

Ellis County reporter mistakenly claims Deuell given F grade for voting record

Looks like Ellis County Press reporter Joey Dauben owes State Sen. Bob Deuell a big apology and explanation!

Listing himself as a supporter on Facebook of Senate challenger Sharon Russell, Dauben has mistakenly claimed that Sen. Bob Deuell received an “F” grade from Americans For Prosperity for his voting record, when the truth is that he actually received a “C.”

Click here to see the AFP report.

AFP says they are committed to strengthening our constitutional government spending limits and giving taxpayers greater control over how much government we want and are willing to pay for.

Wonder why Dauben did that? Maybe he didn’t think anyone (like me) would check out the facts!

Uh Oh!

Senate challenger Russell warns Deuell: “It’s going to get bumpy.”

Got a chuckle today from a Facebook entry in which State Senate challenger Sharon Russell yesterday warned four-term incumbent Bob Deuell to get ready for a “bumpy ride.”

She was apparently a bit annoyed that Sen. Deuell had “tagged” or referred her on FB to an upcoming campaign event, plus his long list of endorsements (compared to her very few listed at her website: RussellforSenate2010.com).

He apologized and said it was inadvertant, but then she admitted she was on his list requesting info after all. So why would she get upset if she had already asked to be tagged?

Her words:

“Senator Deuell why did you tag me? This is your re-election Endorsements? Why do I care? This is the same people who elected you. Their endorsement of you- will just taint them as moderate progressive liberal’s. Our now Texas State Republican Chairman is the one and same Cathie Adam 2009 president of Texas Eagle Forum” WHO” graded you and gave you a conservative rating of 32% (F). Cathie Adams is the Texas State Republican Chair. In all due respect Cathie Adams has already posted her opinion of you as a conservative. She gave you a (f) I strongly suggest you buckle up. It’s gonna get bumpy!!!

Russell sounds a little confused. Plus why would Adams appear at his campaign kickoff event if she graded him at Texas Eagle Forum with a F?

Maybe that’s just politics….or maybe Russell is wrong. Anybody know? Let’s find out!

Rowlett GOP PAC president Sharon Russell to challenge Deuell for state senate seat

Rowlett Republican PAC founder and president Sharon Russell has just announced her intentions to try to unseat State Sen. Bob Deuell in the Republican Senate District 2 primary election March 7.

It won’t be easy.

Sen. Deuell, a family physician in Greenville, was first sworn in January, 2003, and has received numerous awards and recognition for his service since.

Also the chairman of the Rowlett Economical & Development Sub-comittee, Russell is currently a Dallas County Republican party precinct chair and former delegate to district and state GOP conventions. 

According to her new website, Russell, mother of four and grandmother of four, thinks a more conservative Senator is needed to represent District 2. 

“The need for conservative representatives in the Texas Senate cannot be understated,” wrote Russell. “I bring my reputation for reliable conservative actions and high moral character as the Republican of choice in this election.”

(Doesn’t she mean… “overstated?”)

A former small business owner, she claims she is dedicated to family values and straight talk,  plus a tough defender of personal property rights.

“The current economic climate demands judicious spending of every public dollar,” said Russell. “When spending is without consideration for future consequences, the entire State suffers.”

“I stand for family values, I stand for the Constitution, and I will stand for your rights as we fight to take our country back,” she said.

She also said she is never afraid to make her Christian heritage and personal convictions known.

“Russell lives by those principles that guided Texas to greatness in the past, and will so in the future with the right people in office,” she writes on her website. 

For more info, see her website at http://russellforsenate2010.com and her Facebook page.