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More liquor sales fails in Fate; all but two amendments pass

An attempt to bring packaged liquor sales and mixed drinks in restaurants to the City of Fate failed yesterday while voters approved all but two of 11 amendments.

Only 3,681 voters, or six percent of Rockwall County’s voters, made it to the polls during early voting and on election day yesterday. 

By a vote of 202 to 151 (57% to 43%), Fate voted down packaged liquor sales and mixed drinks. Fate has had beer and wine available in stores since 2007 after County voters made that possible.

Neighboring Farmersville in Collin County also went wet after voters there handily approved beer and wine sales.

Amendments number 1 and 4 did not pass. All the rest passed handily.

Amendment no. 1 to authorize financing regarding military bases failed 1740 to 1861 votes (52% to 48%).

Amendment no.4 to establish a national research fund for emerging universities failed 1955 to 1637 votes (54% to 46%).

No elections for candidates were held.

See complete Rockwall election info here.

Rockwall County’s population continues to grow

Rockwall County’s population increased by another 1,950 people and 2.5 percent in 2008, according to a new report by the North Central Texas Council of Governments.

The county population increased from an estimated 76,000 at the beginning of 2008 to 77,950 at the beginning of 2009 – an increase of 2.57 percent.

The City of Fate increased by 850 people to 5,650, an increase of 17.71 percent.

The population of Rockwall increased by an estimated 700 people to 32,100, an increase of 2.23 percent.

The population of Royse City increased by 50 people to 10,150, an increase of 0.5 percent.

Can’t find a breakdown of the estimates in Rowlett or McClendon-Chisholm, but after subtracting the three cities from the County total, 350 people either moved into those cities or just into the County.

Fate City Secretary removed after charges filed against him

After a vote by the city council, Fate city secretary Eddie Sturgal was removed from office July 13 by Mayor Bill Broderick after they learned he had recently been charged with misuse of funds in the town in which he had previously worked.

Sturgal has been under investigation by the Collin County Sheriff’s Department for misuse of $20,000 from the City of Lowry Crossing where Sturgal worked for eight years prior to being hired by Fate in January, 2009.

After an arrest warrant for him was issued, Sturgal paid a bond of $5,000 to Collin County on June 26 to stay out of jail.

Guess we won’t be seeing Eddie again for some time.

Until the city council finds a replacement, a temporary secretary has been provided by a temp firm.

Fate voters to decide on seven charter proposals this November

Voters in the City of Fate will be asked to decide on seven proposals to the City charter this November.

The proposals would:

1. Let City Council members and the mayor serve as many as three consecutive three-year terms, up from two terms now. A person could serve up to 18 consecutive years – nine as a council member and nine more as mayor – but no more than nine in either role.

2. Require the city to hold any runoff 20 days after canvassing election votes. The change from the current 30 days would bring Rowlett into compliance with state law.

3. Remove the monthly pay caps of $100 for council members and $150 for the mayor, beginning June 2011. Council members would continue to receive $50 and the mayor $75 per official council meeting attended, but removing the caps could double their pay some months.

4. Require the city to broadcast council meetings unedited.

5. Tighten conflict-of-interest rules, particularly to prohibit council members or the mayor from receiving outside financial benefits from their official roles.

6. Require a council supermajority – 80 percent of the members present – to issue bonds or other debt instruments. Currently, a simple majority is required.

7. Prohibit residents from petitioning for a referendum to reject council-approved debt issuances.