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Town East Mall Nazis seize T-shirts considered objectionable by Pleasant Grove Chamber members

Did you read The Dallas Morning News report today about how Town East Mall security seized some T-shirts from a kiosk vendor yesterday because members of the Pleasant Grove Chamber of Commerce – who have been trying to upgrade the community’s violent image – found them objectionable?

“Welcome to Pleasant Grove,” the shirts read – below a silkscreen image of a man tossing a body into the trunk of an old Buick.

What ever happened to free speech? Sounds like the Mall Nazis were out in full force!

The Mall’s community relations director, Debbie Screws, was quoted as saying, “They’ve all been confiscated.”

Looks to me like the kiosk owner (sorry, I can’t resist this one) has been screwed! 

I definitely see a law suit coming, don’t you?

I’m going to the Mall today or tomorrow to look for objectionable T-shirts and then will complain to Mall officials. In fact, we should all do it!

Then let’s return and report!

Rockwall Young and older Democrats, where are you?

Rockwall Young and older Democrats, where are you?

Why can’t I get anybody to return my emails or phone calls?

At the risk of sounding like some antagonistic Republican homophobe, I’ve been trying for over a week to get a Young or even old Democrat leader or party member from Rockwall to tell me more about what they did and how they feel after receiving the “Allied Group of the Year” award last week from the gay & lesbian political group, Stonewall Democrats of Dallas.

I would think they feel excited about receiving it and would want the publicity since political campaigning has begun again.

Stonewall president Erin Moore emailed me that the YDs have been very active volunteering to support Stonewall activities, so there must be some somewhere.

Please contact me if you’re a member of the Rockwall Young Democrats or even older ones so I can get some quotes.

I’m trying to publish a great news website here, you know!

Free recycling bins now available from City of Rockwall

Want to sign up for a free recycling bin from the City of Rockwall? I just did and you can, too, by calling 972-771-7700 and asking for Environmental Services. 

You actually have a choice. The City will either deliver a free, blue recycling  bin – about the size of a large suitcase – to your home which will be picked up weekly where and when your garbage is collected. Or you can request a larger, trash can-size container for just a couple of bucks per week or month. I’m not sure because I went the free route.

I must say that I never realized how much of our garbage can actually be recycled. Paper, plastic, water bottles, junk mail and much more. Virtually everything that we used to put in our garbage now goes in our recycling bin. It’s actually already overflowing and the week is not yet up!

We’ve placed it in our kitchen so that we’ll be sure to throw the recycleables in the bin. The bin doesn’t look very pretty there, though, so we’ll have to think about how to best recycle our garbage. I already suspect we may need the larger container, but where will we put it? If we put it in the garage, then we’ll have to go through the garbage by hand to determine what goes where.

Maybe I just need a “Recycling for Dummies” manual!

Rockwall County Republicans dance the night away at annual Christmas party

Rockwall County Republicans were out in full force dancing up a storm Friday night at the 2009 annual Rockwall County GOP Christmas party at Stone River Country Club in Royse City.

About 160 men and women were there enjoying a traditional Christmas buffet, including turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, green beans, salads, rolls and desserts. The food was so delicious that I even had seconds!

Plenty of unofficial politicking was taking place now that a number of GOP members have announced their intentions to run for Rockwall County offices in the upcoming March primary elections.

New officers were also announced for 2010 for the Rockwall Men’s and Women’s Clubs. Tony Fisk will lead the Men. Brenda Zielke, who was also president in 2008, will return to lead the Women.

Other campaigners whom I saw were:

  • Zielke and Paul Wilson for Rockwall County Republican Party Chairperson 
  • Incumbent U.S. Rep. Ralph Hall
  • Incumbent State Sen. Bob Deuell and challenger Sharon Russell
  • Incumbent County Judge Chris Florance, plus challengers Kevin Fowler, Jerry Hogan and Ken Jones
  • Incumbent County Commissioners Lorie Grinnan and David Magness
  • County Clerk candidates Shelli Miller and David Sweet
  • County Treasurer candidate David Peek
  • Justice of the Peace candidates in Precincts 2 and 3 Nancy Beaty and Judge Cathy Penn

There were likely other candidates in attendance whom I just didn’t see in the crowd. Sorry for not mentioning you.

Heath High marketing students hit it big in regional Merrill Lynch Stock Market Game

Congratulations to Rockwall-Heath High School marketing students Taylor Ford (left) and Austin McPherson who recently won first place in the grades 9-12 division of the recent Dallas Regional Stock Market Game program. 

The two boys competed with over 900 other regional teams starting with $100,000 in their portfolios, according to Heath High business and marketing teacher Linda Rogers. 

Both boys will be honored at the upcoming annual Stock Market Game Awards Banquet at the Tower Club in Dallas sponsored by Merrill Lynch and the Texas Council on Economic Education. 

 They will each receive $75 and a certificate for their efforts, said Rodgers.

City of Rockwall proclaims Dec. 7 as Helping Horses, Healing Hearts Day

Karen Bander, who founded and operates the non-profit “Throwaway Ponies” in Rockwall, was recognized for her efforts to help abused horses as well as abused women and children when the Rockwall City Council proclaimed Dec. 7 as “Helping Horses and Healing Hearts” day.

Mayor Bill Cecil presented her and three of her associates with the  proclamation at the beginning of the City Council meeting. 

The Dallas Morning News published an article about her organization last week.

Congratulations Karen and friends! We need to learn and write more about your non-profit.

Nobel Peace Prize with oil change offered by Rockwall auto repair

Rockwall’s Horizon Auto Center is making a little fun of the presentation of the Nobel Peace Prize to Pres. Obama today.

See the Horizon sign at 5335 Horizon Dr., Rockwall 75032. It’s just south of Presbyterian Hospital. Call 469-698-8585 for information.

City of Rockwall proclaims Dec. 7 as John Browning Day

Award-winning legal columnist, Texas Superlawyer and Rockwall Bar Association president John Browning was recognized by the Rockwall City Council Monday night when he received a proclamation from Mayor Bill Cecil stating Dec. 7 was “John Browning Day” in the City of Rockwall.

He received the recognition because his award-winning “Legally Speaking” newspaper column began five years ago in the local Rockwall County Herald Banner. Since then, the column has been published by many more newspapers and magazines across Texas.

Congratulations to you, John, my personal friend and a board member of our Lillian Smith Family Violence Foundation. You deserve it!

Rockwall City Council wants to increase usage of recycling program

The Rockwall City Council heard a presentation by Allied Waste Recycling at Monday night’s meeting to learn what the company can do to help increase the percentage of Rockwallers who participate in the City’s environmental recycling program. 

Allied claims they have succeeded in bringing about an 85 percent participation in Carrollton, their only Dallas area municipal client.

They said only about 45 percent of Rockwallers currently participate.

Council Member Glen Farris is enthused with Allied’s program, which can also help the City to raise funds to donate to local non-profits.

“It’s the best program going!” he said, referring to Allied.

Farris also advocated conducting a citizen survey to learn attitudes about recycling.

The Council will continue to discuss measures to increase recycling.

City Council receiving complaints about The Shores golf course

Apparently there are some major problems with the golf course at The Shores Country Club in North Rockwall.

The Rockwall City Council unanimously agreed Monday night that the time’s come to do something about the evidently deteriorating course.

They didn’t say what the problems are – which we’re working on learning – but they all agreed that something needs to be done since the owners don’t seem anxious to sell and are apparently neglecting maintaining the course in the meantime.

Council Member Matt Scott said, “‘I’m done playing!”

Council Member David Sweet said, “No question the course is not operated properly.”

“Dirt…that’s all that’s left out there,” said Council Member Margo Nielsen.

The Council Members agreed that citizens might wonder what the Council is doing getting involved with a private golf course but enough citizens have complained that they agreed they must intervene.

More details to come soon.