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Rockwall Council votes to banish Ridge Rd. banners

The Rockwall City Council voted last week to banish all the banners and signs from Ridge Rd. @ I-30 – and perhaps other locations throughout the city – beginning in August.

According to initial reports, many area residents have complained that the banners look too tacky and trashy and Council members agreed.

Certainly most of these signs are too small for drivers to read anyway. I’ve never understood why organizations put up banners that are too small to read.

There is some talk that the City will continue to post banners and signs about City events. There’s some question about how appropriate that is, according to at least one Council member I spoke to,  if all the other banners are being banished.

We’ll find more and report details soon at

What do you want for Christmas? TSA naked body scan or full pat-down?

So what do you want for Christmas this year? A TSA naked body scan or full-body pat-down?

Kim Kardashian chose the pat-down when photographed at LAX recently, as shown above.

Should I say, “Tough job but somebody has to do it?”

Sorry, I can’t resist some humor about a very serious subject!

Judge David Rakow appointed new 439th District Court judge

Just learned that Rockwall County Court-at -Law Judge David Rakow was appointed the new 439th District Judge.

It was announced yesterday by Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s office yesterday. For the complete story, see

New Rockwall District court judge to be named soon

A new Rockwall area District court has already been approved to open Nov. 1 and its judge will be named very soon, according to re-elected Texas Gov. Rick Perry.

Rockwall County Court-at-Law Judge David Rakow, who has primarily handled misdemeanor offenses since being appointed to his present position, is expected to be named the judge of the new 439th District Court, which was approved earlier this year by Texas Gov. Rick Perry.

Rep. Ralph Hall expected to chair House Science Committee

Re-elected to his 16th term last week, Rockwall Congressman Ralph Hall says he expects to become chairman of the U.S. House of Representatives Science & Technology Committee when Republicans take over House leadership next January.

In-N-Out Burgers coming next year to Rockwall

The famous “In-N-Out Burgers” are coming soon to Rockwall and across the DFW Metroplex from California!

The Rockwall City Council approved a 50′ pole sign last night after their Dallas architect and property manager unsuccessfully argued for a 60′ pole sign, which they said they need because their location next to the Toyota dealership requires a tall freeway sign.

More details coming soon at

City of Rockwall bans sale of K-2 drug

Add the City of Rockwall to a growing list of DFW-area cities which have banned the sale of K-2.

The City Council voted unanimously last night to follow Rockwall Police Chief Mark Moeller’s recommendation to prohibit the sale of K-2, a substance which he said is an incense spray which gives users a “high.”

K-2 may have been responsible for the death of a young Dallas man recently, according to news reports.

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Rockwall to build massive youth sports complex?

At last week’s Rockwall City Council meeting, Planning & Zoning committee member Mark Stubbs presented a proposal to build a massive youth sports complex here.

Council members Matt Scott and Cliff Sevier appear to be strong supporters of the idea, based upon comments they’ve made.

According to Cliff, the many youth sports teams in the Rockwall area have to travel to sports parks to play because their aren’t any high-quality facilities here which they can use to host tournaments.

He said that visiting teams and parents spend thousands of dollars annually to travel with and support their teams. He said that he and Matt have concluded that having a youth sports complex in Rockwall would therefore be good for local businesses and the City’s sales tax revenues.

More info to come. Watch for a video news report soon here and at with details.

Tony Fisk named new Rockwall GOP Chairman after Wilson resigns

Just learned this morning that Rockwall Republican Men’s Club President Tony Fisk was appointed the new Rockwall County GOP Chairman last night at the Rockwall GOP Executive Committee meeting, after Paul Wilson suddenly resigned.

Wilson was just elected last March and started his two-year term in May. No word yet on why he resigned.

Fisk had just become the new Men’s Club president earlier this year. No word yet on who will replace him.

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FTC backing off from taxing web publishers to rescue newspapers

For several weeks now Federal Trade Commission members have been discussing imposing taxes on web publishers like Matt Drudge (The Drudge Report) and myself (with this blog, plus my fast-growing news website,

They’ve also discussed taxing consumer electronics such as iPads, laptops and Kindles to help “Old School” newspapers to stay alive. Funds collected would be redistributed to traditional media outlets.

FTC Chairman Jon Leibowitz finally torpedoed the device tax in testimony Wednesday before a Senate Judiciary subcommittee, saying, “I think that’s a terrible idea.”

A poll released Tuesday by Rasmussen Reports found that three out of four of those surveyed opposed taxing gadgets, as well as the “Drudge Tax.”

“The American people have absolutely no interest in taxing new media or consumer electronics to prop up an industry that’s clearly on its way out,” pollster Scott W. Rasmussen said in an interview.

Thank goodness! Even newspaper ad sales people are pushing ads on their websites because of the dramatic shift in readership patterns.

Rasmussen reported last year that US citizens now clearly prefer obtaining their news from the Internet than any other media, although some other surveys say people still prefer to get their new from network and local TV. All those hundreds of laid off news reporters across the country likely agree with Rasmussen.

Billionaire Warren Buffet recently stated that the one industry he absolutely would not invest in is newspapers.

I predict within five years or less, most all newspapers will either have become strictly websites or not exist. By then should have tens of thousands of readers and be clearly the most popular news source in Rockwall County.