Rockwall Rocks! At least my family and I think it does!

This is the blog of J. J. Smith, Publisher of the TheRockwallNews.com, the two-year old, state-of-the-art news website which has fast become the #1 best-read news media for residents of and visitors to Rockwall County Texas (Google Analytics & WordPress Stats).

“First with the News You Want to Click!”

A former award-winning reporter and editor, I’ve spent 30+ years working in TV, radio and print news, advertising and public relations, helping to build such leading brands as Exxon, KVIL-FM, Macy’s, Six Flags Over Texas, Southwest Airlines, The Dallas Cowboys, The Houston Chronicle, Warner Cable TV and many more.

Now I’ve added the Internet and social media to my marketing expertise.

On this blog, I post news briefs plus my own thoughts & opinions about living in rapidly-growing Rockwall County TX, one of the fastest-growing and most affluent counties in Texas. Located on the eastern shores of beautiful Lake Ray Hubbard, it’s just 30 minutes east of Downtown Dallas. We’ve lived here since 2003 and witnessed at least a portion of its explosive growth, due to its high quality of living, excellent schools and relaxed, family-oriented atmosphere.

Your comments about anything related to my entries are welcome. All I ask is that you keep your comments clean and appropriate for family members of all ages who read and use this blog.

You’re invited to email your thoughts and suggestions for my blog to jj@therockwallnews.com, or – better yet – to start your own blog, which we will link to my Blog and TheRockwallNews.com for everyone to read.

J.J. is also the founder and director of the non-profit Lillian Smith Family Violence Foundation (www.lilliansmith.org), which spearheads media, school and community efforts to help prevent and end domestic, dating, child and pet abuse. When J.J. was 10, after experiencing years of family violence, he witnessed his abusive father shoot and kill his mother and then commit suicide. Now J.J. is committed to doing whatever he can to help prevent others from having to experience the pain and trauma which he and his family did.

For more info, visit his  “War On Abuse” Blog.

J.J. has eight grown children from a prior marriage, plus 12 grandchildren. He and his wife are converts to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and are active members of its local Heath congregation.

7 responses to “About

  1. JJ– I post two different blogs on neighborsgo.com–

    http://www.neighborsgo.com/boatman1 WhatsUP! Astronomy blog–

    http://www.neighborsgo.com/blog/boatman2 Energy Now! blog

    You may copy and repost any articles on these two blogs– notice on the Astronomy blog that we have a free public Star Party on the 4th Sunday of each month at Harry Myers Park–

    Joe Lalumia
    Rockwall, Texas

  2. When is the next Aspasians Arts & Crafts Fair? Thanks.

  3. Can you tell me about the Recycle Program at Amy Parks Elementary. (Cell phones, ink cartridges, etc.)

  4. I handle publicity for Rockwall Community Playhouse, and we have a LOT going on. 2010 is our Fifteen Year anniversary. Our Christmas production, in rehearsal now, is selling out fast. We are holding a MAJOR EVENT in January – ROCKWALL’S GOT TALENT! Can I submit an article or post it here myself? Please let me know how to get RCP activities on Rockwall Rocks. THANKS!

  5. Hey, there! We could be related. I’m Russell Smith. I really enjoyed checking out your blog. I’m sorry you had such a rough time growing up. I too grew up under harsh circumstances, but nothing in comparison to yours. I’m a member of the Democratic Party and a religious sceptic, but I am sure there are many points on which we can agree. It sounds as though you are a busy man. I know that in my nuclear family, writing is a not a hobby, but a habit, and a living. Wishing you all the best! Russ

  6. we need your help in keeping our house please call rose at 952 492 2407 can,t get into web site thank you

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