Fundraising scam alert about businesses selling advertising for Royse City ISD

A fundraising scam alert has been issued by Royse City ISD to warn businesses in Royse City not to purchase advertising on T-shirts, cups, on the radio and stadium scoreboard by a company called End Zone, which is falsely claiming to represent Royse City ISD.

There may also be other companies attempting to sell merchandize and/or advertising which are not authorized by RCISD.

The alert was issued Sept. 22 by RCISD Superintendent Randy Hancock. It reads as follows:

September 22, 2008

Dear Royse City Chamber Members:

There has been at least one company – the one we know of is End Zone – that has gone around to some of our businesses in the area and used Royse City ISD as a way to sell advertising. They were selling advertising for cups or t-shirts and in turn they have promised “air time” during our football games and ads on the scoreboard. Please be aware, these groups are not sanctioned by us and they do not have the authority to use our district for their profit. Furthermore , if necessary, we will use legal action to stop these groups if they can be identified.

If you have anyone come by your business and offer to sell you ads – please verify that they are directly connected to the district. This should only be our booster clubs or student organizations. If someone comes to you, and you do not know them, ask who they are representing and ask for the sponsor’s name. If they provide you one – tell them you want to verify the event before you agree to anything. The above mentioned group actually provided one of our employee’s name so it seemed legitimate. So feel free to actually call the appropriate campus and speak to that person before you give them any money.

I apologize to those of you that may have been caught in one of these deals. We appreciate the support we receive from everyone and we certainly do not want to see any of you taken advantage of and we don’t want others to profit from these inappropriate acts.


Randy Hancock

For further information, call RCISD at 972-635-2413.


One response to “Fundraising scam alert about businesses selling advertising for Royse City ISD

  1. It is scams like this that make it hard on legitimate businesses. As the “Official Broadcast Voice of Bulldog Athletics” we have had a tough time selling advertising in the Royse City area. This certainly does not make the task any easier !

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