Mother of Royse City entertainer Brittnee Lee passed away May 26

deena edmonds

Although this story is over a month old, I was just saddened to learn that the mother of popular Royse City teen singer and entertainer “Brittnee Lee” Edmonds passed away May 26, after a two-year battle with cancer.

Deena Edmonds, who had been on hospice care for several months, was still actively involved in Brittnee’s life until the very end. She was just 38 years old.

A former fifth grade teacher at Herfurth ElementarySchool in Rowlett, her funeral attracted hundreds of people and the procession was nearly two miles long, wrote Brittnee on her MySpace blog.

“I am not surprised, though,” added Brittnee. “My mom was an amazing woman who, as a close friend said during the service, “lived herself to death.” She did not let cancer stop her from thoroughly living her life.”

Deena had been battling adrenal cortical carcinoma, a very rare form of cancer. After suffering the effects of Cushing’s Syndrome in 2007, a CT scan found a football-sized tumor on her left side, which required the removal of her kidney and adrenal gland. After several months of treatment, doctors said that there was nothing more that they could do. 

The wife of Garland Police Officer and Desert Storm veteran John Edmonds, Deena had been enjoying life with friends and family for several months, but her cancer spread very quickly in the last few weeks. She was surrounded by family and friends when she passed away.

Below is the last entry that Brittnee’s father, John Edmonds, posted on the online blog dedicated to Deena’s journey.

“Deena is regressing and is in the beginning stages of the dying process.  We are attempting to keep her comfortable.  She is having bouts of confusion and hallucinations which are signs that her metabolism is beginning to shut down.  Further, she is getting harder to wake.  Hospice is checking her vitals often and, once she is deemed to be within 72 hours of passing, they will stay with us around the clock.

She said she is tired, but takes comfort in knowing that Deena told us all that she is not afraid.  Most importantly, she said she is confident of her destination.  We ask only for prayers of comfort and total peace as she passes.  As we focus on Deena, I will probably not post again until we are given the 72 hour timeframe.  This may be a few weeks or days in God’s perfect timing.

Deena is so thankful for the love and support all have shown her the past 2 years.   She sends her love with a reminder that Christians never say goodbye for the last time.”

We send our sincerest condolences to the Edmonds family….


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