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“Bon Jovi Experience” band rocks Rockwall concert-goers last night

Judging from all of the dancing, cheers and applause last night, rock band “Blaze of Glory,” the Bon Jovi Experience really rocked Rockwall concert-goers at the weekly Thursday night “Concert By The Lake,” sponsored by the City of Rockwall’s Parks & Recreation Dept.

As usual, the crowd was large at the event – at least 3,000 or so people were in attendance.

Lead singer Trae Doss – who looks, dresses and acts the part of Jon Bon Jovi quite well – is quite a showman and fine singer. He had a lot of ladies up and dancing, swooning to his singing.

Doss explained between songs that the band members are all tremendous fans of Bon Jovi and they chose their name from his famous “Blaze of Glory” song from the movie Young Guns II. He said with their performances they pay homage to him and all he’s done for rock music. Looks like people across DFW agree that they’re doing a fine job because they’re playing to great reviews across the Metroplex.

For more info about Blaze of Glory, see their website at: http://www.blazeofgloryband.com.

If you enjoy good music but haven’t been to a concert yet, you’re really missing out. Thousands of folks from across the area are making it a weekly event now. They bring their lawn chairs and blankets to sit on, chow down on all kinds of foods and wash it down with a variety of waters, sodas and wines (from what I see).

Everyone is dressed quite casually – from shorts to bikini tops. Makes for fun people-watching, especially for the guys. Many in the audience have been out on the lake on boats. Much of the crowd actually picnics during the concerts on the boats which they push right up next to the lakeside amphitheater. Last night there must have been 30 different boats docked within hearing distance.

We hope to have our video news reports going by August and will certainly be shooting videos of the concerts and concert-goers.