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After the initial excitement dies down, will Shenaniganz make it?

So far, so good. The spacious parking lot is frequently full.

It will be very interesting to see if, after the initial excitement dies down, Shenaniganz will actually make it in the Rockwall area as a business venture.

The owners have certainly spared no expense in providing Rockwall with quite an upscale destination, not just for kids’ birthday parties, but also for adults. It easily compares with Dave & Busters, which seems to have done pretty well over the years. But D&B is in Dallas, where thousands of dinks (double income, no kids) are searching for hot, new places to go every night. Shenaniganz is located in conservative, family-oriented Rockwall. There is a difference.

Now that the initial glitz about The Harbor is over, already several businesses have had to pull out there. There simply aren’t enough customers during the week to keep some businesses afloat.

Perhaps someday ‘Ganz and The Harbor will advertise “Rockwall-by-the-Lake” together as an upscale destination.

What do you think? Will Shenaniganz make it – over the long haul?

Gigantic new family fun, recreation center now open in Rockwall

A gigantic new family fun recreation center – featuring 24 bowling lanes, two-level laser tag, go-karts, a huge games arcade, rock-climbing wall, sports bar, martini lounge and full-service restaurant – recently opened in Rockwall on the I-30 feeder road, just east of Hwy 205.

One of Rockwall’s largest revitalization projects ever, “Shenaniganz” is  housed in the 75,000 square foot building previously occupied by Precision Cable and Amphenol.

The facility is owned by Rockwall allergist, Dr. Robert Ripp, his wife, Hazel, and managed by three of their sons.

Entering the main doors, below the brightly-colored neon lights which spell out the facility’s name, one can’t help but notice how enormous the place is.

The 7,000 sq. ft. arcade full of games is t0 the left, and a full-service restaurant called Rosie’s Grill – featuring a menu from fried calamari to fresh salads to gourmet pizza – is to the right. The sports bar nearby offers 38 different bottled beers.

Throughout the fun center, there are more High Definition TVs than you will see in Best Buy, Circuit City or most electronics stores. Huge ones, big ones, medium sized and small ones…everywhere.

On the main concourse, there are 16 lanes of bowling, equipped with a high-tech, black light system called “cosmic bowling.” Bowlers will have front row seats to watch their favorite sports teams or the latest music videos on the huge high definition projection screens. They can also order from a full menu of food and beverages with lane-side  service.

Lazer tag features a two-level arena themed after Angkor Wat, the ancient temple located in the jungles of Cambodia. Participants can play the glowing game amid monkeys and a black puma which preys throughout the ancient tower ruins.

Birthday parties can celebrate in one of eight party rooms decorated with dinosaur and aquatic themes. Party planners are available to those who want them.

According to co-owner Hazel Ripp, they wanted to create a special place for the community where guests could escape the day-to-day realities and “just have fun.”

“Our guests do it all–play, eat and drink and then play, eat and drink again! With so much for our guests to do, we’ve tried to create a special experience where each visit is fresh and special. It’s an all-in-one, 5-star entertainment experience for people of all ages, where you come to “have fun with your food.”

Shenaniganz will be open Sunday through Thursday from 11 a.m. to midnight, and on Friday and Saturday from 11 a.m. to 1 a.m. (or later, if needed).

For information, call (972) 722-1133.