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Rockwall’s Farmers Market a busy place


Rockwall’s Farmers Market was a busy place yesterday. It was our first time there. Dozens of customers were purchasing fresh fruits and veggies from about 10 stands set up by farmers from as far away as Canton.  

We bought a bunch of fresh fruits, including strawberries, blueberries, apricots and cantelope. We happily found some organics, but also settled for some produce grown locally and with a minimum of pesticides.

It’s hard to grow produce without any pesticides at all, said one of the farmers.

Prices were generally higher than at grocery stores. A container of strawberries cost $4, for example, compared to half that at Walmart or Kroger. But we also figure that the produce is fresher and has less contaminants.

It’s a nice, friendly place to shop for produce, too,where everybody seemed very cordial. Nice place to meet your neighbors, as well.