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What’s the BIG news in Rockwall County?

What’s the big news in Rockwall County?

School events, sports scores or government matters?

We want to know more about what’s going on that needs to be reported.

What kind of news stories would you like to read about on this blog?

Now that hundreds of people are reading our rockwallrocks.com blog daily, we want to provide you with the news stories you’d like us to report on, but we need your help deciding what that is.

The local weekly newspapers are filled with articles and photos about school, sports and community events and activities. They also report on County and City government matters.

But is that what you really want to read?

We know you like to read about high school football. We know you want to know when anybody well-known passes away –  like Mary Ellen Hall, Bobby Graves or Officer Keith Prinz.

Thousands of people read our stories about their deaths.

Please help us to report the news you want to read by telling us what you think is the BIG news!

Thank you.