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If elected, what Leon Tuttle will do

I interviewed Rockwall County Commissioner Precinct 3 candidate and former three-term Rockwall Mayor Leon Tuttle two days ago on my weekly Sat. 9-11 am talk radio show “When Love Hurts” on AM 1400.  I was impressed with his interest in establishing a safe house for family violence victims, for finding or creating a budget to educate the community to combat family violence plus draft an ethics code for all County elected officials and employees, especially in view of the troubles we’ve seen with our District Attorney indicted on numerous financial charges and the County Treasurer “borrowing” funds for her personal use. “Mayor” Tuttle may be retired but has plenty of energy left to add to his long list of accomplishments in Rockwall, it appears to me. He also wants to develop a five and ten-year plan for expanding County facilities to keep pace with the rapid growth, work together with the State and County committees to repair and build the necessary roads, plus keep taxes low. That will be a challenge! He told us that it took 25 years for voters to finally decide to allow the City and County to make the current highway and road improvements. They didn’t want to tear down trees, change the landscape or have so many one-way streets! Can’t blame them on the one hand, but now that traffic is such a mess, officials and voters should have better planned for the the future.  They certainly haven’t discouraged growth, which now seems almost out-of-control, much like Frisco.

County Commissioner candidates on radio

Rockwall County Commissioner Precinct 3 candidates Leon Tuttle and Randy Puckett will be the guests this Saturday morning from 9-10 and 10-11 am, respectively, on my new talk radio show, “When Love Hurts,” on the all-new AM 1400 KGVL News-Talk Radio. 

Both candidates will be asked about what they will do, if elected, to help reduce the growing problems of family violence, dating violence and child abuse/neglect in Rockwall County.

Co-hosted by domestic violence survivor Katie Clemens, the show is designed to help people who are hurting from love and relationship problems, and is part of the Lillian Smith Family Violence Foundation’s new proactive public information campaign to eliminate these crimes across DFW and, eventually, the nation.

Guests will also outline their reasons for running and explain why voters should elect them. The third candidate, Dennis Bailey, was also invited and is expected to agree to an interview on the Feb. 23 program.

The election is set for March 2, 2008.