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New painting by Heath artist commemorates Presbyterian Hospital founding


Heath artist Vicki Hoarty (right) completed this painting commissioned by Presbyterian Hospital president Ken Teel and his wife, Becky, to commemorate the one-year-old hospital’s founding.

To commemorate the founding and opening of Presbyterian Hospital of Rockwall, a special oil painting has been completed by a popular local artist and signed by all 34 founding fathers of the now one-year old medical facility.

Now hanging in the administrative conference room on the hospital’s second floor is “Where There Is Unity … God Commands a Blessing,” created by Heath resident Vicki Hoarty, whose paintings are also on display in the Hilton Bella Harbor Hotel and Blue Canyon Kitchen, Tavern & Wine Bar at The Harbor.

The painting may be viewed online at www.vhoarty.com.

According to Hoarty, the idea for the commemorative piece evolved after she contacted Hospital president Ken Teel during construction to suggest placement of artwork from local artists in the new facility.


Presby Hospital’s President speaks about Ray Sumrow

I just discovered a WFAA-TV news story which aired June 2 regarding the relationship between former Rockwall DA Ray Sumrow, who was just convicted of theft and sentenced to 15 years in prison, and Presbyterian Hospital President Ken Teel. It seems that Sumrow was paid $80,000 by Teel and Presby for services he rendered to help develop the new hospital, but before Sumrow was indicted.

According to the story, Teel’s attorney told News 8 that Mr. Teel terminated the partnership’s relationship with Sumrow the day after the former DA was indicted. Teel says he, Sumrow and the partnerships did work together to get Presbyterian Medical Center started.

And Teels says, Sumrow did invest funds in a hospital-related partnership. But, he says, those funds were returned to Sumrow and yielded no profit for the former DA.

Ken Teel is highly respected in the community, after developing both Presby and Lake Pointe Medical Center in Rowlett. So I feel certain that we can believe him. I do wonder about what other deals Sumrow was involved in, which he apparently used his position to profit from.

Perhaps some sniffing around would be in order!