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Lightning strikes Buffalo Creek home new owners were moving into next day

lightning 002

What a shocking surprise!

A family was supposed to close on this Buffalo Creek foreclosure at 16 Wimbleton Ct. in Heath Friday at 1 pm and move in shortly after, but lightning struck the home shortly after 7 am Thursday, making that completely impossible!

According t0 Regal Realtors agent Dell Osborn, who was representing the bank, the family have all of their belongings in a U-Haul trailer and now have to quickly find somewhere to live.

“The new owners of the home were planning to close on the house at 1 pm Friday and move into the home at 1:30 pm,” said the disappointed agent, who lost her entire commission on the sale.

“The new couple were in shock Thursday morning after learning about the freak accident,” she continued.

“The good news is that the property was vacant and nobody was injured or lost any possessions.”

Names of the new owners could not be obtained.

According to Osborn, neighbors across the street heard the lightning strike the house.

Heath fire marshall and public safety officer Jim Simmons said that calls came in just shortly after 7am reporting the fire.

Fortunately, none of the surrounding homes were damaged.

Makes you wonder, doesn’t it? Lightning comes down and just zaps one house in the whole neighborhood?

Maybe they just weren’t supposed to move into that house! Lots of families should be thankful. It easily could have been theirs!


“Date-Rape” happening nearly every weekend in Heath TX?

I met a business owner last week in Rockwall who told me the sad story of how her teenage daughter was “date-raped” last year at a teen party in Heath.

Since two weeks went by before her daughter told her about the tragedy, there was no evidence. However, this business owner said that when she reported the incident to the police, she was told that this type of thing happens nearly every weekend in Heath, but that people there are so affluent that they pay people off to keep it quiet!

If true, this would be a bombshell!

I called my friend with the Rockwall County Sheriff’s Office and asked what she knew about it. She’s the child abuse/sex crimes investigator there. She said she’d never heard that before but, if true, we’d better do something quickly to bring an end to it.

I’ll be seeing the business owner again this week and will ask for some more details. She’s currently considering joining our community efforts to prevent dating violence in Rockwall and would be a great asset.