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Inflated readership numbers at Rockwall County News?

Speaking of the Rockwall County News, could they be inflating their readership numbers a bit – or maybe a whole bunch?

According to their Facebook and website pages, their newspaper serves 18,000 or 20,000 readers each week. The FB site shows 20,000 and website ad info shows 18,000.

Now considering their official circulation figure is only 1,600 paid subscribers, according to their submission to the Texas Newspaper Association, where do the other 16,400 or more readers come from?

Once of their sales reps once told me the extra numbers came from hits on their server. But he didn’t know if their server is dedicated or shared, as most are. It makes a huge difference, of course.

Now that they have a new website, they can find out through Google Analytics exactly how many readers they have.

Readership is obviously not determined by the number of papers delivered. That number is virtually meaningless because who knows how many people actually read the paper’s thrown or even mailed to homes?

Judging by the number of newspapers I see on lawns and driveways in Rockwall – not many.

Rockwall County News launches new website

Just learned that the Rockwall County News today launched a new website at

They already had a website presence at but it only provided pdfs of their newspaper pages and was difficult to read.

Apparently another newspaper owner has realized that the future in news is with websites and not old school newspapers.

What’s the BIG news in Rockwall County?

What’s the big news in Rockwall County?

School events, sports scores or government matters?

We want to know more about what’s going on that needs to be reported.

What kind of news stories would you like to read about on this blog?

Now that hundreds of people are reading our blog daily, we want to provide you with the news stories you’d like us to report on, but we need your help deciding what that is.

The local weekly newspapers are filled with articles and photos about school, sports and community events and activities. They also report on County and City government matters.

But is that what you really want to read?

We know you like to read about high school football. We know you want to know when anybody well-known passes away –  like Mary Ellen Hall, Bobby Graves or Officer Keith Prinz.

Thousands of people read our stories about their deaths.

Please help us to report the news you want to read by telling us what you think is the BIG news!

Thank you.