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Another young Rockwall resident dies from “accidental” heroin overdose

Just learned last week that another young Rockwall resident died recently from an “accidental” overdose of heroin.

That was the result of the autopsy of the 24-year-old female by the Dallas Medical Examiner.

I’m not yet releasing the name of the deceased until after attempting to speak with her family or friends and police.

Considering how many thousands of readers have read our previous stories about drug-related deaths at, there’s no doubt that residents of Rockwall County definitely want to know more about such stories.

Too many drugs are available and being sold to and used by residents of Rockwall County.

We are saddened by the death of this young woman and send our condolences to her family and friends.

Official cause of Alexis Lancaster’s death still 6-7 weeks away


The official cause of death of 19-year-old, former Rockwall High School cheerleader Alexis Lancaster will not be available for release for another six to seven more weeks.

According to the Dallas Coroner’s Office, the standard length of time it takes to conduct toxicology tests and report their findings is eight weeks.

The popular 2008 RHS graduate was found dead in her Dallas apartment Saturday morning, Oct. 24.

She is survived by her mother, Leah Pearl Gentzler, and husband, Stan, of Rockwall, who own Gentzler Electrical Services in Dallas; and her father, Stephen Scott Lancaster, and wife Kristi, of Caddo Mills.

According to several sources who asked that their names not be used, she had been on a date Oct. 23 with a young man named Ben.

The sources said she took a recreational drug that night known as “bars,” which is a slang term for alprazolam – a fast-acting sedative which helps users to relax. 

According to the website, a well-known brand name for alprazolam is Xanax, which is generally prescribed to treat anxiety disorders. When mixed with alcohol, it can increase the effects of alcohol and can be deadly.

From the website:

“Quad bars are a common slang for Xanax 2mg tablets, which are bar shaped and can be broken into 4 .5mg doses. It is in a class of drugs called benzodiazapines, which also include Valium (diazapam),  Lithobid (lithium) and Ativan (lorazopam). All benzodiazapines are CNS sedatives, meaning they act directly on the brain to relax muscles, respiration rate, heart rate and provide an overall feeling of relaxation.”

“Benzodiazapines are prescribed to combat anxiety, insomnia, muscle tension, and involuntary movements like jaw clenching and shaking-leg syndrome. Benzodiazapines are also known to cause antegrade amnesia (short-term memory loss) at moderate to high doses. For this reason they are often used as an adjunct to pre-surgery anesthesia to avoid remembering the procedure.” 

“Benzodiazapines are popular among some recreational drug users who find the sedating and relaxing effects enjoyable, and often mix them with other CNS depressants like alcohol. Xanax is considered to be one of the most desireable benzos for recreational use because of it’s fast onset and shorter period of action than other benzos.”

“Xanax, like all benzos, is a schedule IV controlled substance in the US, making possession without a perscription illegal, and transfer or sale illegal without a license.”

The sources said that a 911 call was placed by someone, which will become available from Dallas police soon due to the open records law.

They added that her death was openly discussed during Drug Awareness Week last week at Rockwall High school between many students and teachers.

No other information has been confirmed at this point.

We did place a call to step-father Stan Genztler at his office today but have not yet received a reply.

Drug Awareness Week held last week in Rockwall ISD

Last week was Drug Awareness or Red Ribbon Week in the Rockwall ISD. The objective was to educate students about the dangers of drugs and then encourage them to pledge to be drug-free by signing pledge cards.

We haven’t heard yet how many pledged.

RISD Communications Director Sheri Fowler said all campuses had pledge card signups and gave away prizes to those students who did – pencils, stickers, red ribbons, etc. 

“The older students tied red ribbons on cars in the parking lots, had activities during lunch where students could participate. If you had your D-FY-IT card at RHHS, you might have a chance to play Guitar Hero.  If you brought your D-FY-IT card to RHS Friday, you got one dollar.”

Each day of the week had a different theme, which each campus tailored to its needs:

  • Monday – Crazy Socks Day …. Scare the socks off drugs!
  • Tuesday – CAMO Day ….. Don’t hide behind drugs or alcohol.
  • Wednesday – Backwards Day….. Drugs can turn your life inside out.
  • Thursday – HAT Day …. Hats off to our drug free schools!
  • Friday – Spirit or RED Day ….  Show your school pride during Red Ribbon Week!

We’re awaiting word as to how many students signed up.

Former Rockwall High cheerleader found dead in Dallas in suspected drug-related death


We’re terribly sad to announce that a popular former Rockwall High School cheerleader and 2008 graduate was found dead in her Dallas apartment Saturday night.

The rumor being texted between former and current Rockwall High School students is that her death was drug-related.

Alexis Rae Lancaster, 19, is survived by her mother, Leah Pearl Gentzler, and husband, Stan, of Rockwall, plus her father, Stephen Scott Lancaster, and wife Kristi, of Caddo Mills.

Her sisters are Lindsey Mills of Caddo Mills and Samatha Gentzler of Rowlett. Her brother, Chris Gentzler, and family live in Kemp TX. 

Dallas Police this afternoon could only confirm her death, but said no cause of death will be determined for a few days.

Click here for more funeral details at

Former Rockwall High School student dies from accidental alcohol/drug overdose

Zach green

High school students across the Rockwall area have been texting each other recently that former Rockwall High School student Zachary “Zach” Green died from a drug overdose July 23.

Unfortunately they were right.

According to Lt. Darrin Brockway of The Colony’s Police Dept., Green was at a party in that north Dallas suburb July 22 when he became ill and went to lay down. After a few minutes, he passed out and no pulse could be found. After paramedics arrrived, they administered CPR and rushed him to Baylor Medical Center in Carrollton. Unfortunately it was too late.

At 4 am, July 23, he was pronounced dead from an accidental overdose of a combination of alcohol and drugs.

A Facebook site, “In memory of Zach Green” was established by his friends for additional info.

One entry reports the funeral was July 29.

He has one suriviving sister, Candy Green, who now lives in Lewisville, according to Lt. Brockway. No other family info is available.


Young Rockwall man awaiting cheese death trial arrested for family violence


The above photo of Timothy Salahi provided by the Rockwall County Jail

The young Rockwall man currently awaiting trial on May 11 for providing the cheese heroin which killed former Rockwall-Heath High School student Paige Elliot was arrested again and sent to the Rockwall County jail earlier this month on family violence-related assault charges.

Timothy Salahi, 19, was arrested March 11 by Rockwall Police shortly after he allegedly stuck a family member in the face with his clenched fist.

According to police reports, the complainant suffered redness and swelling on the face.

After the arrest, Rockwall County District Judge Brett Hall ruled the bond on the negligent homicide case as insufficient and raised the bond from $25,000 to $50,000 for Salahi.

Police said that Salahi had two prior family violence-related charges.

It is not known whether he is still in jail, or if he posted bond and was released.

In February Salahi pled guilty to criminally negligent homicide in the death of Elliot, a state felony with a penalty of 180 days to two years of state jail time, plus a fine.

But after a plea bargain was reached between Salahi’s attorney, the Elliot family and Rockwall District Attorney’s Office, Judge Hall rejected the plea and ordered the case to trial,  stating that they had a responsibility to the public considering the serious nature of the case.

More details will be provided as we obtain them.

Trial date set for Rockwall man charged in ‘cheese’ death of Paige Elliot


Timothy Salahi, who pled guilty Feb. 9 to criminally-negligent homicide

The trial date for the young Rockwall man who has pleaded guilty to criminally negligent homicide in the “cheese” related death of 16-year-old Rockwall-Heath high school student Paige Elliot has been set for May 11 by 382nd District Judge Bret Hall in Rockwall.

Timothy Salahi was 18 at the time of her death, Sept. 16, 2007.

Both families had agreed to a two-year probation plea bargain Feb. 17, which would have allowed Salahi to avoid jail time, but it was rejected by Judge Hall citing that he had a responsibility to the public.

The charge is a state jail felony, with a maximum penalty of two years in state jail and the possibility of a $1,500 fine.

Salahi is currently free on bond as he awaits the trial.

Neither family will comment on the case.

Arrest of Barbara Sims for cheese heroin possession poses important questions

Now that Rowlett grandmother Barbara Sims has been arrested for intent to deliver a large quantity of cheese heroin and was identified by police as a “high-level drug dealer,” it poses several questions to leaders and residents of Rowlett.

While she’s out on bail and the investigation continues,  should pressure be mounted to require her to sell her home and move immediately?

As my wife said, she’ll probably just set up her alleged manufacturing operation somewhere else anyway, now that she’s been released.

If I lived in the 6500 block of Fairfield Dr. I would be particularly irate to have someone so labeled living amongst my neighbors.

What can or should they do?

What should residents of Rowlett do?

In Rockwall, where I live, one of the major news stories this past week has been the case of Tim Salahi and Paige Elliot, who died from using the very same drug which Sims is suspected to have manufactured.

I don’t want someone like her anywhere near Rockwall or Rowlett.

No doubt, everyone deserves his or her day in court, but considering all that was found in Sims home, there’s a very strong likelihood that she is in fact a “high-level drug dealer” and should be forced to leave our area.

What do you think? How can we do it?

Grandmother arrested in largest heroin bust in Rowlett’s history


Barbara Sims of Rowlett

A 60-year-old Rowlett grandmother was arrested Feb.  11  in the largest heroin bust in Rowlett’s history after police found 3,343 doses of “cheese” heroin in her home, with a street value of $33,450.

Barbara Sims, 60, was charged with possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance in a drug-free zone.

The Rowlett Police Department, Drug Enforcement Agency, and Dallas County constables executed a search warrant that turned up 9 ounces of Mexican black tar heroin worth $25,250, 16 grams of cheese heroin valued at $2,286, two assault rifles, a semi-automatic machine pistol, and more than $1,000 in counterfeit U.S. currency.

Her home in the 6500 block of Fairfield Dr. is also across the street from a city park, which is considered a drug-free zone.

Police said they suspect she had manufactured them in her home and was planning to distribute the drugs across Dallas.

“Simms was a high-level drug dealer,” said Rowlett police Lt. David Nabors. “It was a manufacturing operation.”

“We found no indication it was being sold in our city. It was to be distributed in Dallas.”

He said the investigation began with a tip and proceeded quickly.

“On an investigation like this, it’s important to proceed fast because the potential for somebody to die is high.”

Nabors added that Simms could also face federal weapons charges. Police confiscated three loaded weapons, including an AK-47, and counterfeit cash.

They also found a Rolls-Royce, a Mercedes-Benz, a Jaguar and a Cadillac Escalade on the property.

Sims was released from jail Feb. 13 after posting a $100,000 bond.

Her daughter and grand-daughter also lived in the home, but Rowlett Police Department Public Information Officer John Ellison said they are not expected to face charges.

He said that the case is still under investigation.

Dozens of teens and young adults have died as a result of using cheese in the Dallas-Fort Worth area since the lethal mix was first reported on Dallas public school campuses in 2005.