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Heath Mayor, attorney Ratcliffe quoted by media about Dallas City Hall bribery convictions

 John Ratclilffe

City of Heath Mayor and private attorney, John Ratcliffe, the former U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of Texas, was involved and quoted by news media early this week at the Dallas City Hall bribery case, where former Dallas Mayor Pro Tem Don Hill, his wife Sheila Farrington Hill were among five people found guilty of a wide range of crimes, including bribery.

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Heath mayor, attorney Ratcliffe in Dallas Morning News Dallas city hall bribery case video

John Ratclilffe

Say, I just saw Heath Mayor and attorney John Ratcliffe featured on the Dallas Morning News homepage today discussing the City of Dallas bribery trial, explaining what defendants Brian and Cheryl Potasnik’s absence this morning could mean.

Click here to see him in the Dallas Morning News video.

Mayor Ratcliffe is no stranger to federal bribery cases. He was the Dept. of Justice’s U.S. Attorney for the eastern district of Texas in 2007 and 2008, where he successfully directed hundreds of federal prosecutions involving terrorism, violent crime, drug trafficking, child exploitation, public corruption, corporate fraud, mortgage fraud, illegal immigration and capital murder cases.

He also managed a team of more than 100 federal prosecutors and support personnel in 6 district offices and financially operated a $12 million annual budget.

This past April, he resigned to become a partner with former U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft and other former U.S. Attorneys to focus on homeland security, federal enforcement and corporate matters at Ashcroft Sutton Ratcliffe .

I’d say we have quite a celebrity in our midst – plus quite an all-around great guy!

“Date-Rape” happening nearly every weekend in Heath TX?

I met a business owner last week in Rockwall who told me the sad story of how her teenage daughter was “date-raped” last year at a teen party in Heath.

Since two weeks went by before her daughter told her about the tragedy, there was no evidence. However, this business owner said that when she reported the incident to the police, she was told that this type of thing happens nearly every weekend in Heath, but that people there are so affluent that they pay people off to keep it quiet!

If true, this would be a bombshell!

I called my friend with the Rockwall County Sheriff’s Office and asked what she knew about it. She’s the child abuse/sex crimes investigator there. She said she’d never heard that before but, if true, we’d better do something quickly to bring an end to it.

I’ll be seeing the business owner again this week and will ask for some more details. She’s currently considering joining our community efforts to prevent dating violence in Rockwall and would be a great asset.