You’ll enjoy 2-for-1 steak nights at Southern Junction

ROYSE CITY – Wednesday nights are 2-for-1 steak nights at the huge Southern Junction Nightclub & Steakhouse. My wife and I took a house guest there recently and had a great time! It’s located just 10 minutes east of Rockwall on Hwy. 276 near Blackland. Families are welcome on weeknights so you can eat and dance there with your kids. They even have a mechanical bull you can ride and have your picture taken on!

We enjoyed eating delicious $20 T-bone and New York Strip steaks – which you either season and grill yourself over an open flame or pay an extra $2 to have someone cook it for you – plus huge Idaho baked potatoes covered with all the fixins’, a large house salad and all the buttery Texas Toast you can eat.

Then we danced some of it off to the live music of the excellent Marcus Lindsey C & W House Band, which recently signed its first recording contract. The night ended at about 10 pm, when most everyone went home.

On weekends, however, you can still enjoy eating the 2-for-1 charbroiled steak dinners – if you get there before 7 pm! – plus dance into the night until 2 am or so. It’s  great entertainment for quite reasonable prices, considering all you get! Get there after 7 pm and dinners are still just $20 each.

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