GOP State Board of Education candidate Clayton gay?

Texas Republican voters may want to be aware of the rumors that Republican State Board of Education candidate George Clayton is gay.

He has now refused to return two of my phone calls and one email to his campaign, in which I identified myself as a reporter with, asking him to either confirm or deny the rumor.

Clayton pulled off a stunning upset last March of 26-year incumbent Geraldine “Tincy” Miller, R-Dallas, in the GOP primary for the State Board of Education‘s District 12 seat.

At the time, virtually nothing was known about the man. According to a Miller assistant, they still don’t know much. Nobody else seems to know much either.

Only Libertarian candidate and former high school history teacher Amie Parsons is running now against Clayton, since no Democrat filed to run.

Miller was quoted in a Texas Tribune article as saying all she knows is,

“He’s not really a quote-unquote Republican. All I know is that George Clayton is a very angry man and a very angry teacher.”

The North Dallas High School English teacher co-owns and lives in his Richardson home with Jim Southworth, his campaign treasurer. According to a Tea Party spokesman who asked not to be identified, both men are in their 60s and Clayton has never been married.

It’s probably just an unusual coincidence but North Texas is also the high school where students recently nominated transgender teen Andy Moreno for Homecoming Queen, even though he is a male.

The LGBT Dallas Voice published an article stating Moreno attends North Dallas because the school is “known for its diversity and tolerance.”

Some would ask, “Why does it matter if Clayton is gay?”

Conservative Republicans would say that some homosexuals have become far too aggressive in trying to convince others to accept the LGBT lifestyle – in schools and elsewhere.

They should also know that he is the candidate who wants parents to stay away from schools. He wrote this comment a while back on the Dallas Morning News website, describing how he thinks we can improve student scores:

“First, keep parents as far from the schools as possible. Second, allow teachers to hold the students entirely responsible for their learning.


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