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Huge athletic complex being considered by Rockwall Council

Although I don’t have any details, I understand that Rockwall City Council member Matt Scott has proposed the building of a $20 million athletic complex in Rockwall.

I’m still awaiting a reply from Matt or other City Council members about it.

During these times of economic uncertainty, I’ve heard enough concerns from citizens about spending that this is sure to be a controversial subject if it goes any further.

Should Rockwall County pay health care bills of ID-less indigent people?

Williamson County Commissioners have decided to stop paying health care costs for indigent adults and children who don’t have valid Social Security cards.

Should Rockwall County Commissioners do the same thing?

Williamson County Judge Dan A. Gattis said last week that he wanted to ensure that there was enough money for the residents of their County who qualified for indigent care to remain covered.

The decision — which came in a unanimous vote on April 27 — was not based on race, Gattis said.

“We are running out of money,” he said.

Click here to read more about Williamson County’s decision.

Although I’m opposed to blanket amnesty to illegals, I have to question the wisdom of such a decision – at least with regard to emergency medical services.

What if one of our “legal” US criminals robs a store and shoots a clerk who may be an indigent illegal? Do we just turn our heads?

What if a child of an illegal is abused? Do we just let him/her suffer without helping?

I think all of God’s children deserve mercy and health care….but perhaps with some limits, too.

What do you think?

For all your boat house, dock needs call Texas Marine

If you need a boat house, boat lift, bulkhead, retaining wall or any equipment for your boat dock and pier needs, I’d highly recommend you call or visit Texas Marine Technology in Heath, owned by Rockwall Women’s League member Kendra Jones and her husband, Eric. They’re great people!

They just put up a billboard on I-30 in Rowlett to get your attention.

Kendra was last year’s RWL Gala Chairperson and she did a fabulous job! She helped me, as well, to meet some advertisers and important people in Rockwall County which has helped us to build our news website business at

Contact them today for a free quote at 214-681-1381, or email to:

Candidate Bricker emails harsh words about Rockwall Council member Russo

Rockwall City Council candidate and former Planning & Zoning Committee Chairman Bill Bricker recently sent out a campaign email with some pretty harsh words against his May 8 municipal election opponent, first-term incumbent Council Member Mark Russo.

Bricker, who is the president of Columbia Extrusion Corporation in Rockwall, as well as three other Columbia companies each involved in commercial construction or land development, write that Mark has “no real convictions of his own, “contributes nothing” to the organizations he joins and then leaves them.

Here are his exact words in the email pertaining to Russo:

“Rockwall deserves 7 solid council members. Not 6 and a man with no real convictions of his own. I have 29 years of living, working, raising a family and generally working to make this a better City. Mark lists nearly everything he has done as former. He does not contribute to the organizations he joins, tires and leaves them. I feel he is the same at Council. He attends but contributes nothing and it’s time to leave just as has Rotary, Boys and Girls Club, the Historic Preservation Advisory Board and others.

Please have your contacts review or contact me at if they want to know more or have specific questions.”

I’d say ‘them are definitely fighting words,” Bill.

Russo says he’s not happy about a personal attack like this.

What do you think?

Another young Rockwall resident dies from “accidental” heroin overdose

Just learned last week that another young Rockwall resident died recently from an “accidental” overdose of heroin.

That was the result of the autopsy of the 24-year-old female by the Dallas Medical Examiner.

I’m not yet releasing the name of the deceased until after attempting to speak with her family or friends and police.

Considering how many thousands of readers have read our previous stories about drug-related deaths at, there’s no doubt that residents of Rockwall County definitely want to know more about such stories.

Too many drugs are available and being sold to and used by residents of Rockwall County.

We are saddened by the death of this young woman and send our condolences to her family and friends.

Fate City Council member assaulted by citizen

Just heard yesterday that City of Fate Council member Steve Skipworth was assaulted by a Fate citizen during the past few days.

A local government source said the assault may be related to the suicide committed April 28 by Fate resident Rick Tolbert, whom his son said was depressed after receiving citations for code violations from the City.

Steve told me by phone that he is okay.

He said he can’t talk about it, though, because he has hired a civil attorney to handle it.

Fate City Manager Vicki Mikel has not returned our calls since last week about the alleged code violations. Guess we’ll try to reach Mayor Bill Broderick.

More details are needed and a story will be forthcoming soon at

Dragonfly restaurant opened and closed in a month at The Harbor

In case you blinked and missed it, the Dragonfly Asian Grill and Sushi Bar opened and closed after only being open for about one month at The Harbor.

There must be a curse in that building. Four restaurants have come and gone there. I think the restaurant which was there the longest was for about 3-4 months.

We had visited the Dragonfly twice right after it opened. The first time was excellent! I’m going to miss the Mongolian Beef.

The second time my wife took her sister visiting from California. That was a disaster! It was the night that two chefs had a fight and left the place with just one cook!

The owner was a very nice lady who owns two successful eateries in Dallas. She told me that she had numerous problems with water leaking through windows and more and had to delay her opening for months.

I guess either she got fed up with more problems or maybe people just didn’t come in. On the other hand, perhaps she left because The Harbor declared bankruptcy.

I need to learn more. Anybody know?