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Approved City of Fate audits still two years behind

While investigating the story yesterday about retired City of Fate secretary Sandra Lobban being convicted for stealing public funds, I learned that the City’s audit reports are still two years behind!

New City Manager Vicki Mikel says she’s been working hard to bring them up-to-date, and the 2008 audit should be able to be approved by Fate’s City Council next week. Then the 2009 report will be completed before the end of the 2010 fiscal year, which ends Sept. 30, and audit reports will be up-to-date.

Sounds like Lobban got away with stealing because nobody else was looking.

Prior to Nov. 2008, the responsibility of keeping audit reports up-to-date was the responsibility of the Mayor and City Council. It wasn’t until 2007 that computers were used to tabulate. During most of her years working at Fate, Lobban just used a pencil and paper, plus that trusty ol’ Walmart credit card she used to illegally purchase food, cigarettes and toys.

We will soon learn from the Fate Council why they were as much as three years behind at one point with their audits. Doesn’t sound like very good fiscal management is being practiced there!

Tanning salons triple risk of deadly melanoma skin cancer

National headlines today reveal that the use of tanning beds triples the risk of obtaining deadly melanoma skin cancer.

Tanning beds can greatly boost melanoma risk (Business Week)

Tanning beds triple melanoma risk (WEB MD)

Study: Frequent tanning-bed use triples melanoma risk (CNN)

There are several tanning salons in the Rockwall area. Look for a story soon at TheRockwallNews.com asking owners what they think of these news headlines and asking tanners why they continue to visit tanning salons.

Care to comment or be quoted in the story?

Former Fate City secretary convicted of theft

Add another Rockwall County public servant to the list of those convicted of theft of public property.

Sandra Lobban, who retired in June, 2008, from her job after many years as the secretary and sole bookkeeper for Fate, was sentenced last month by Rockwall District Court Judge Brett Hall to five years probation and ordered to pay the City back for $7,586.29.

She had made the purchases at Walmart using a credit card for such items as food, cigarettes, toys, drink mixes and more.

Be watching for the whole story soon at TheRockwallNews.com.

The above sum is just the amount that they could tabulate. New Fate City Manager Vicki Mikel said the records in some cases were such a mess that they couldn’t make sense of it and had to finally settle on a number so they could move on.

She said Fate records weren’t computerized until about 2005, so all the financial records before that were compiled with pencil and paper.

Have to wonder how much more Lobban stole which couldn’t be uncovered? Rumors from several Fate residents say even more money is missing.

We’re trying to find out more about this story!