Boys, Girls Club schedules June concert to raise funds

The Rockwall Boys & Girls Club has scheduled a “Harbor Rock” fund-raising concert at The Harbor June 12, featuring a rock and British Invasion band that’s been playing in the Metroplex for three decades called Spector’s Gun Collection.

The cost is $25 per person.

It’s certainly a worthy cause, and it will be interesting to see how many people can afford the ticket price during these difficult economic times. Especially when thousands of people can see concerts for free every Thursday evening all summer-long at the very same location.

5 responses to “Boys, Girls Club schedules June concert to raise funds

  1. General admission is free. VIP seating up front, with perks, is $25, benefitting the charity.

    The event is FREE to the general public!
    The $25.00 tickets are for those who wish to participate in the VIP section which includes drink coupons, food etc.. explains all of this.
    See you there!!

  3. Let me clarify a few things. The event was conceived and organized by myself, Matt Hutchins, and D Jonathan Lenertz for the benefit of the Boys and Girls Club of Rockwall.

    The event is Saturday, June 12th from 6-10 pm. VIP tickets are available for $25 that include food, beverages and VIP seating in a VIP area. Over half+ of the Amphitheater will be Open to the Public, and FREE of charge… unless, of course, they would like to make a donation or buy raffle tickets.

    Thank you for the post. For tickets and information please visit

    We look forward to seeing you there.

    Doug Younie, Co-Founder

  4. Matt Hutchins

    It should be clearly noted that the general admission is free. The $25 charge is only for those that wish to enter the VIP facility. All net proceeds are going to an exceptionally worthy cause – namely, the Boys & Girls Club of Rockwall. As a member of the Harbor Rock! team, it is my pleasure to assist in the growth of the community and its charitable organizations.

  5. Matt Hutchins

    It should also be noted that Kevin, one of the outstanding performers of Spectors Gun Collection, is a long standing resident of Rockwall.

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