Candidate Bricker emails harsh words about Rockwall Council member Russo

Rockwall City Council candidate and former Planning & Zoning Committee Chairman Bill Bricker recently sent out a campaign email with some pretty harsh words against his May 8 municipal election opponent, first-term incumbent Council Member Mark Russo.

Bricker, who is the president of Columbia Extrusion Corporation in Rockwall, as well as three other Columbia companies each involved in commercial construction or land development, write that Mark has “no real convictions of his own, “contributes nothing” to the organizations he joins and then leaves them.

Here are his exact words in the email pertaining to Russo:

“Rockwall deserves 7 solid council members. Not 6 and a man with no real convictions of his own. I have 29 years of living, working, raising a family and generally working to make this a better City. Mark lists nearly everything he has done as former. He does not contribute to the organizations he joins, tires and leaves them. I feel he is the same at Council. He attends but contributes nothing and it’s time to leave just as has Rotary, Boys and Girls Club, the Historic Preservation Advisory Board and others.

Please have your contacts review or contact me at if they want to know more or have specific questions.”

I’d say ‘them are definitely fighting words,” Bill.

Russo says he’s not happy about a personal attack like this.

What do you think?

One response to “Candidate Bricker emails harsh words about Rockwall Council member Russo

  1. Running for office is about speaking the truth. Bill has just spoken the truth.

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