After complaint, conservative Heritage Alliance raises their grade of Fowler

I did some investigating last week to learn why and how the conservative religious/political Heritage Alliance graded Rockwall County run-off election candidates Jerry Hogan and Nancy Beaty with A grades, Kevin Fowler with an F and Judges Larry Holloway and David Karr with Cs.

What I learned concerned me and caused me to complain to Heritage about what I believed was an unfair grading system – especially for Kevin Fowler.

This morning Johanna Runnels contacted me and said – after consultation over the weekend – they agreed with my arguments and raised Fowler’s grade from an F to a D, but lowered Holloway’s and Karr’s grades to Ds.

Sorry, Judges!

My complaint had primarily been that Fowler was getting a raw deal, because although he had completed 12 or their 18 questions virtually the same as  Hogan did, they were failing Kevin for not answering six thought questions within only a day or two’s time, when the Judges were awarded C grades after not answering even one single question on their questionnaire.

Johanna told me that other factors were also considered in their grading system – such as campaign contributors and how liberal their supporters are – but she admitted they gave the Judges C grades last week without any info  about them.

She added that had Fowler answered the remaining six questions as conservatively as he did the first 12 then he would have received a much higher grade. But because some of his supporters are considered pretty liberal, I’m guessing it wouldn’t have been higher than a B anyway.

Kevin explained to me that he wanted to complete the questions but when he tried to finish, the website wouldn’t allow him to do so because it said the deadline had passed. Problem is he only had two days to finish, and they didn’t tell him so when they asked him to complete it.

While I may not be voting for Kevin, I still believe he deserves a fair grade and not rumors that conservatives gave him a F!

One response to “After complaint, conservative Heritage Alliance raises their grade of Fowler

  1. Good report but HA still misses the mark. This is all subjective and unvalidated. Each person should do his/her own assessment.

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