Another one bites the dust…at The Harbor

Still another business closed last week at The Harbor in Rockwall.

Add the “Rija Boutique” clothing store to the list of businesses that have closed there:

  1. Bath Junkie
  2. Celebrity Cafe & Bakery
  3. Cote d-Azur
  4. Fashion Focus Eyewear Boutique
  5. Harbor Girl
  6. L’Egantz
  7. Rija Boutique
  8. Real Estate Information Center
  9. Savoy’s Gifts
  10. Scooters
  11. The Baby Planner
  12. Valore Italian Restaurant

Have I forgotten any? Seems like there was at least one more.

Amazing is that The Harbor’s very own out-of-date website still shows photos of the closed Fashion Focus, Harbor Girl, L’Egantz and Savoy stores on their website, and lists L’Egantz as one of their existing businesses on its Shops page and Cote d-Azur on its Dining page.

Guess even their webmaster can’t keep up!

Plus the outdated “About” page doesn’t even tell viewers when the facility opened, and includes not a current but an old video produced before the Harbor was built showing what it’s going to look like from an architect’s view.

Compare the list above to the businesses still open:

  1. Affinity Salon & Spa
  2. Agave Tappas Bar
  3. Hilton Bella Harbor Hotel
  4. Blue Canyon Kitchen & Wine Bar
  5. Cinemark
  6. Cold Stone Creamery
  7. Dodie’s Cajun Diner
  8. En Fuego Tobacco Shop
  9. Genuine Jakes
  10. Gloria’s
  11. Hollywood Nails
  12. Juvanew Medspa
  13. Potrillo De La Sandia
  14. Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory
  15. Ruby Tuesday
  16. Tastee Freeze
  17. Zeus

So at least 12 have closed out of about 29 (41%) businesses which have opened there since it opened (as best as I can remember).

Watch for a more complete story soon at explaining what’s going on at The Harbor, plus what its owners, City officials and store owners have to say about the future of this private/public enterprise.

Any comments from readers are also invited to help us with the story!

One response to “Another one bites the dust…at The Harbor

  1. You can add Dragonfly Sushi and Asian Grill to the list….It only made it a month and a half…..and I believe EVERYONE saw these doors closing soon. They stopped ordering food about 2 weeks before they closed the doors, yet still accepted customers in, to just lie to them about the food situation and waste thier time. This marks the third establishment failure in the SAME location, since opening.

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