Winter algal bloom affecting Rockwall water taste, odor

A winter algal bloom is affecting the taste and odor of Rockwall’s water supply but the water remains safe for use with no health risks.

According to a statement issued by the North Texas Municipal Water District, “a winter algal bloom is occurring in Lavon Lake.”

“Taste and odor changes in treated drinking water caused by blooms may be detected by our consumers who are more sensitive to these changes. The taste and odor is a palatability issue only. The palatability change that results from a naturally occurring algal bloom does not alter the quality of the water provided to the cities and the communities served by NTMWD.”

“The water supply remains safe for use with no health risks created by these events.”

Now that we have a water filter on our Whirlpool refrigerator, neither the taste nor odor of Rockwall water has been affected. If you don’t like the musty or dirty taste or odor of the water, I’d recommend you purchase a water filter, as well, or even just a Brita pitcher to keep in your refrigerator.

Bottled water is another good alternative, until the algal bloom ends.

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