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JC’s Burger House doesn’t accept its own coupons any longer


Went into JC’s Burger House next to the Rockwall County Courthouse on Ridge Rd. last Thursday after seeing all the little signs stating “Under New Management” to ask if they’d now like to advertise on

After the girl behind the counter said they aren’t interested in advertising now, I was shocked to witness the same girl next tell two young ladies who were preparing to order, “Sorry, but we don’t accept those J.C.’s Burger House coupons,” which caused the women to leave the eatery.

Before the upset girls left, the counter girl explained that the former Rockwall franchise owner who issued the coupons had “run the place into the ground” and J.C. – who also owns six other Burger Houses across DFW – took it back.

So, in case you have one of those “two for one coupons,” the new management doesn’t accept its own coupons any longer.

What’s shocking to me is that a business which already had two customers in the door ready to try their product would then turn them away. For what, a $5 hamburger? If the counter girl would have accepted their coupon and the two young women would have liked the food, they would have told several other people who would have come in and then told more people to visit. 

That’s the way “word of mouth” works and has built many a business.

Word of mouth also works the other way. Now these two young ladies will tell their friends “Don’t go to JC’s Burger House,” who will then tell their friends. 

Plus here I am telling hundreds of people how poorly managed the place is and essentially not to go there.

Darn! And the counter girl looked so cute and sweet,  but obviously either doesn’t have a clue, or was just taking orders from somebody else who doesn’t have a clue, how to run a restaurant. 

I’ve seen a lot of businesses go in and out of business after a long career, and those which refuse to advertise don’t last long. Add to it businesses which turn potential customers away for no good reason…well, I predict that JC’s Burger House won’t be in Rockwall much longer.

Successful businesses do everything they can to please their customers to keep them coming back. Sorry, JC’s, guess you’re not one of them!


Horizon Auto Center becomes area’s first AAA-approved repair center


Horizon Auto Center is Rockwall is one of the County’s largest auto repair centers.

Now they have added proof to their claim that they are the County’s best auto repair center.

Horizon just received the prestigious “AAA-approved” award from the American Automobile Association. It is the first and only auto repair center between Greenville and Garland to have earned such a distinction.

Horizon had to pass some pretty stringent business and ethical standards to get it, too, according to Service Manager Cliff Payne.

To qualify, he said a repair center must perform quality maintenance and repairs, employ ASE-certified mechanics, properly fix and guarantee repairs for at least 12 months or 12,000 miles, and offer a complimentary 38-point maintenance inspection upon request. 

In addition, Payne said several hundred customers are polled with a quality and satisfaction survey by an independent company.

“We are very pleased to announce that Horizon Auto Center has been named as Rockwall County’s only AAA-approved auto repair facility,” said Payne. 

 ”Now, you can use your AAA Roadside Assistance program to have your car towed for repairs to Horizon Auto Center.” 

“Meeting the requirements for AAA is an involved and meaningful.  To qualify, a repair facility has to be staffed by qualified technicians, have the proper equipment for diagnosing and repair of all common and unique problems, plus have a solid reputation in the community for honesty and longevity.”

“We are proud of our reputation and our customer service capabilities.  However, most of all, we are grateful to our loyal customer base, without whose support and faithful patronage, we would not have the opportunity of achieve this recognition,” he added.

In business for seven years at the same location, the nine-bay service center started by specializing in maintaining and repairing luxury foreign cars, including BMW, Jaquar, Lexus, Mercedes- Benz and Porsche.  The business quickly evolved into a full service repair facility for all makes and models. 

“Full service includes all functions from oil changes, to air conditioning, to tires, to all types of electrical and mechanical repairs and scheduled maintenance to tire.  It is a complete “one-stop” auto service facility,” said Payne.

Payne said the business sees an average of  20-25 customers per day and over 2,000 per year

Horizon Auto Center is located at 5335 Horizon Rd, just South of Presbyterian Hospital. 

For more information, call 469-698-8585 or visit

The website contains a section for discounts and coupons, as well as a wide variety of educational information about auto service and repair.

New steak house to open Aug. 3 in Rockwall brings more jobs


Logan's building

Logan’s Roadhouse, famous for grilled steaks, ice-cold longnecks and a “a kickin’, upbeat atmosphere with friends and family,” (according to their news release) will be opening Aug. 3 in Rockwall.

As great as the steaks may taste, what many area residents might like even better is the 130 jobs which the restaurant will provide – including servers, greeters, dishwashers and management opportunities.

Hourly employees will be able to apply at the eatery soon, said Logan’s spokesperson Molly Williamson. For career management opportunities, visit the website here.

Located on restaurant row between Saltgrass Steakhouse and Taco Cabana at 560 E. I-30, construction is nearly complete.

The 6,336-square-foot restaurant in Rockwall will seat 237 guests and is reminiscent of American roadhouses of the past, complete with neon signs and an interactive jukebox.

Williamson explained that Logan’s, “The Real American Roadhouse,” revisits the classic roadhouse from days past and brings it to life in a relevant, modern way.

“The high-quality, moderately-priced menu features over 30 entrees, including aged steaks hand-cut fresh on the premises, grilled chicken, fresh ground steakburgers, baby-back ribs, seafood, and specialty salads made from only the freshest ingredients,” she said.

Headquartered in Nashville, Tenn., Logan’s Roadhouse, Inc. presently runs more than 170 company-operated and 25 franchised Logan’s Roadhouse restaurants in 23 states.

More information can be found at

Stranded Russian acrobatic horse show rescued by new Heath equestrian facility

Horse trainer Lisa Blackmon and her family just moved into Heath last year, where they opened their huge new Black Star Equine & Equestrian facility to horse lovers who want to learn to ride and compete in horse shows.

When she learned last week that the famous Russian equestrian show called “Artania” somehow became stranded in Dallas, she invited the show’s performers, horses and all to come to her 255-acre facility, just south of Highway 549 and west of Hwy. 205.

To get back on their feet financially, Artania will begin performances again this weekend at Black Star. Days and times to be announced soon.

It appears to be a rather spectacular show – kind of a cross between acrobatic horses and Cirque du Soleil.

Click here to see the story, as shown last night on The 33 TV News.

Gov. Rick Perry featured speaker at Rockwall’s TEA Party


Texas Governor Rick Perry was in town and the featured speaker at Rockwall’s TEA Party protesting high taxes July 4th on the steps of the Historic Courthouse in Old Town Rockwall.

Several hundred people showed up to the second TEA party held in Rockwall.

U.S. Rep. Ralph Hall and TX Rep. Jodie Laubenberg were among the other speakers.

I have to wonder what good these TEA Parties actually do, but at least they give citizens upset by high taxes a chance to express their opinions and voice their concerns.

Thank goodness for freedom of speech – which we can see they don’t have in Iran!

S. Carolina luv guv finds “soul mate,” but now willing to try to fall back in love with wife

SC Governor

So South Carolina “Luv Gov” Mark Sanford says at least he can go to his grave knowing he found his “soulmate,” but now says he wants to try to fall back in love again with his wife of 20 years and mother of his four sons because it’s the right thing to do.

What an idiot! Since when does he care about doing the right thing, anyway?

The blubbering politico broke down in tears yesterday as he tried to explain  his bizarre behavior with his Argentine mistress Maria Belen Chapur, whom he admits he crossed the “sex line” with several times.

Then, showing the nation how not to confess, he further admitted to crossing the line with other women in the past – just not the sex line. Wonder what line was that?

Let’s see…who was it that said, “I did not have sex with that woman?”  He had some trouble drawing a line, too.

From what I’ve read about this philandering Gov, he confessed to his wife – after she discovered his affair in a letter on his desk – and then left the state supposedly for the Appalachian Trail to do some soul-searching.

But the reporters who interviewed the bar owner in Argentina where Sanford and his girlfriend were, reported that the two lovers were all over each other there and couldn’t keep their hands off of one another.

They also enjoyed several trysts in New York City.

As far as I’m concerned, Sanford should head out to the Appalachian Trail and take a long walk off a short cliff!

He’s just another politician who’s dumped on his wife, children and supporters… for what?  A few minutes of lustful, erotic adventures?

This guy has some real issues and should either resign or be booted out of office immediately!

Former Royse City minister sentenced to 17 years in prison for child porn

Steve R.

Former Royse City minister Steve Richardson was sentenced yesterday to 17 years in federal prison, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office, after pleading guilty in March to sending and possessing child pornography from his church office computer to others via the Internet.

The 36-year-old former pastor of the First United Methodist Church in Royse City was sentenced in Dallas by U.S. District Judge Sam A. Lindsay, who also ordered him to register as a sex offender and serve a lifetime of supervised release, according to federal prosecutors.

Suspended after the arrest from his ministerial position last December by the North Texas Conference of United Methodist Church, the husband and father of three children has been in federal custody since his Sept. 24 arrest by U.S. ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) agents.

The arrest came after an undercover investigation by a federal agent who communicated with Richardson over Google Hello, an Internet service that enabled users to share photos via their computers, but has since been shut down.

Richardson, who used the identity of “cowboyspades,” admitted sending an image of a minor and possessing an external hard drive that contained more than 600 images of child pornography. Agents had seized a computer containing images of child pornography from his church office, said Acting U.S. Attorney James T. Jacks.

The former minister had pleaded guilty in March to one count of possessing child pornography and one count of transporting and shipping child pornography. He had faced a maximum of 20 years on the transporting charge, 10 years on the possession charge and a $250,000 fine on each charge.