Even angels need help

Marilyn Mock smiling

Just came across a nice article about Rockwall’s own Foreclosure Angel Marilyn Mock, describing how much her life has changed since helping Tracy Orr to save her house from foreclosure. She’s also helped four and maybe five other homeowners to save their homes.

Marilyn says she dearly wants to help as many people as she can, but she needs our donations to do so.

Click here to read the Dallas Morning News Neighbors Go story  


4 responses to “Even angels need help

  1. I need to know how to get ahold of Marilyn Mock. I have a friend whose husband left for Virginia to try and find work and send money back to her to pay the bills. She has lost hours due to the economy, and in truth her and her husband have now split. Her house will be sold on Tuesday 07/7/09 if someone dosen’t do something. She has two children, a young girl age 13 and a 2 yr old son. I don’t have the kind of money she needs to keep her house.. I wish I did… please…

  2. correction, her son is 4 about to be 5, and to add… her husband has not sent anything to help her financially….

  3. Just go to http://www.foreclosureangelfoundation.com and complete the application. They’ll review it quickly and contact you.

  4. thank you.. we actually filled it out last week.. after I posted this I found the site..

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