Williams Middle school students remembering Justin Acevedo

Students at Williams Middle School in the Rockwall ISD have been remembering their friend Justin Acevedo and saying good-bye to him this week with posters and other remembrances.

A small display has been set up at the school, according to administrative officials.

Grief counselors have also been made available to students at the school as early as this past Monday by RISD.

Photos of the remembrances are not currently available, since the family has asked us not to show them at this time.

Justin was killed by his father Roberto Acevedo Jr. in a murder-suicide last Friday night near Lake Lavon. They were residents of Rowlett and Rockwall County.

According to a confusing note left behind, the father wrote that he feared his son would go to jail for something he did, but that the family would not be able to obtain the needed defense for him.

According to school officials and police, Justin was a fine young man and good student with plenty of friends, who did not have any outstanding warrants or problems with the law, as best as can be determined.

We send our deepest condolences to Justin’s mother and two brothers for this tragedy.


7 responses to “Williams Middle school students remembering Justin Acevedo

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  2. Justin was a great kid. He was sweet, kind, funny, and unique. He could brighten up your day with his smile. I miss him and my heart goes out to his brother Alex and his mother. I love you Justin and I’ll always remember you!

  3. We all miss him and I always cry when I hear a said song since it reminds me of him. He was an awesome person and a great friend to everyone. When you were sad, he would cheer you up. R.I.P. Justin Acevedo.

  4. Justin i miss you and my brother misses you if i had a wish it would be to bring you back to life i miss you so much and i cant wait to see you in heaven!:) My brother wished you stayed in cubscouts longer and i wish you did too i love you and always will!

    Love, Taylor Tousley

  5. I love you and miss you and i always will my brother wished you were in scouts longer and i wished you stayed too well so did my mom i miss you and i cant wait to see you in heaven!:)

    Love, Taylor Tousley

  6. I am so sorry for the loss of this sweet young man. Justin was a wonderul kid! My heart aches for all of you! Miss him very much!

  7. Justin I miss you so much! I still go over your house and start crying when i see your pictures. I will always remeber you and even though we got into some arguments you were still one of my best friends!

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