Only two years in jail for Salahi for providing “cheese” heroin which killed Paige Elliot?


Paige Elliot (center) pictured with friends on the Paiges Memory Space page at My

Rockwall High School sophomore Paige Elliot’s death in 2007, due to an overdose of cheese heroin, was a terrible tragedy.

But it seems another one is that 19-year-old Timothy Salahi will only have to spend two years or less in jail and pay a fine as punishment for furnishing the drug.

True, she did choose to take the cheese, Xanax, marijuana, cocaine and Ecstacy found in her body during the autopsy.

But she was only a 16-year-old kid, who just three years before had suffered the breakup of her family due to divorce.

Consequently, this young lady was not healthy emotionally, and Salahi – although young himself – certainly knew better. It seems to me that Salahi preyed on her, taking advantage of her weaknesses.

If we truly want to send a message to drug dealers, and want to stop the distribution of cheese, shouldn’ t we adults figure out a way to punish drug dealers with more than two years in jail?

He’ll likely not even serve that long and be back on the streets.

Somebody needs to make sure Salahi never touches drugs again. Wonder if he has any younger brothers and sisters whom he’s influenced? What do his parents have to say?

The whole story obviously still hasn’t been told, but clearly needs to be.

21 responses to “Only two years in jail for Salahi for providing “cheese” heroin which killed Paige Elliot?

  1. I heard about this on the news last night & it is a tragedy for both families involved. On one hand you have a child that his died & on the other a child that will forever carry the guilt of his friends death & carry this lable.
    I would feel for any parent that would lose their child so early but in my opinion they should take some blame as well. Where were they at when their daughter was out using drugs in the middle of the night? As I understood the news story Mr Salahi is not a drug dealer but the friend of the teenager. Yes he should take blame as well for providing the drugs to her but in my mind I do not feel he is the only one society should place blame on.

  2. The other commentor is exactly right! Mr. Salahi is NOT nor has he ever been a drug dealer. To the reporter of this “story”, you are ABSOLUTELY correct! The whole truth of this story has NOT been told, so before you begin throwing words around, I suggest you FIND the truthful whole story and print that!!! This type of journalism defeats the “truth, justice” of the American way.

  3. I sure alot of people want to hear the whole/true story but that will probably never happen. People will continue to form their own opinions without knowing the “full” story.

  4. J.J. smith Is wrong

    You are a dumb ass jj smith. It seems to me that Salahi preyed on her. you need to get a life. not wright these lies.

    • It’s not a lie, just an opinion. On the other hand, many of us want to know what really happened. Can you provide us with details or put me in touch with whomever can?

  5. According to all the reports I have read Salahi was 17 at the time this happened & she was 16. Possibly a school mate, I don’t know. I think they were 2 teenagers that both made a mistake. Did he provide her with the other 3 drugs that were found in her system? Does anyone know the answer to this question? Or did she buy it on her own or get it from some other person?

  6. J.J. smith Is wrong

    salahi was 17 at the time. no the other drugs she got herself. why dont you go ask salahi himself.

  7. We’re trying to reach him, his parents, Paige Eliot’s mother and father, and others who know the details, so we can tell the whole story.

  8. J.J. smith Is wrong

    i dont think he whats to talk. I know salahi. he is a good kid that mad some mistakes. go talk to the D.A who trying to keep the truth from coming out or talk to his lawyer Jonh gussio

  9. It is so sad that two families lives are being destroyed by such a tragedy. Paige was 16 years old and in some circumstances that age can and has been tried as an adult. Tim was 18 at the time. They both knew right from wrong. You can not tell me that Paige didn’t know what could happen by taking drugs. They both chose to do drugs. NO ONE forced either one of these young people to start doing drugs but as we all know it is your decision to start them but once you are addicted the decision has been taken out of your hands it has now become an illness. It is a very sad and unfortunate thing that Paige chose to do so many drugs at one time. But we can not put the blame on Tim. He was just as much of an addict as Paige was. It is so easy for some of you to say he is a killer. He deserves to go to prison. Well wake up. He was just an addict and a friend came to him because SHE wanted to do drugs and couldn’t find any. There must have been something very wrong in this young ladies life that made her think that drugs were a better option. My heart goes out to Tim and Paige’s families how they all must be suffering. Paige’s for the loss of her life and Tim’s for the hell they must be going through. Hopefully they will all get some much needed counseling and let the guilt go. There is no happy ending for anyone in this. You can only put it into God’s hands and pray for peace as I pray that you all find peace.

  10. I am an extended family member of Paige’s, although all of this information is so hard to fathom, it brings closure to know the truth. Unfortunately, I don’t think we will ever know exactly what happened, even if there are people out there that know the whole truth. Please keep both families in your thoughts. Thank you.

  11. I’m a friend of Tim and his family; Tim is a good kid that made a tragic mistake. He gave a friend a ride to buy drugs and take her to work. That does not make him a killer! He used bad judgement like any other addict! That does not make him a killer. My heart goes out to paiges family, the lose of one so young is a tragedy. Paige was an addict that choose to take drugs, it cost her, her life. Tim is a good kid that made a mistake giving a friend a ride, I don’t think it should cost him his life! Tim has straighten up his act and wants to help others keep from making the same mistakes. I’m proud of Tim! He is doing whats right! My prayers are going out to both families and I know God will see them thru this time of heart break.

    • Thanks for your comments, Carla. Glad to hear that Tim is remorseful and wants to help prevent others from making the same mistake. He can’t bring Paige back, but we hope he can and will prevent others from his and her same fate.

  12. This other kid is not to blame. Are you out of your sheltered, idealist mind? If you do a drug then you assume all the risks associated with that drug. A “drug dealer” does not force feed his clients drugs. It’s a choice someone makes. I’m 17 years old, I’ve done it all. While I’m not exactly proud, I do credit myself for at least taking responsibility for my actions. If I take something that I sought out and purchased and it kills me, it’s MY fault. You hear that?– My fault. God, people are so ignorant.

    Also, don’t take my harsh tone as an attack on Paige Elliot. I do not speak ill of the dead and my deepest sympathies go to all those involved with this tragedy. I just wish you hadn’t written this blog. I don’t think it was appropraite. I think two kids got caught up in something they couldn’t control and unfortunately, they made one too many mistakes, which led to the untimely death of a young girl who was a little lost. You have to take these situations for what they are.

  13. I was friends with tim and paige.I met paige in the summer and we partied all the time.she was a great girl.Tims really a good guy…i hung out with him all the time.. he would have never meant for paige to die. they probably got togethr like most teenagers do and did some drugs not thinking what could possibly happen. but when u mix extacy marijuana cocaine xxanx and cheese nothing good could come out of that.Tim prob didnt know she had tooken all that b 4 she had done the cheese cuz im sure if he knew that she had taken all that he would have neverr bought her cheese.i think we should back off tim 4 just a sec and think about things…..

  14. ya obviously they dont have the whole story, he preyed on her? Give me a break, that s one of my good friends and I knew both of them. Paige basically talked him into giving her the cheese. Two months is too long and is ridiculous because I dont feel it is his fault, she could have gone and done cheese with anyone.

  15. I know Tim personally. I grew up with him & went to Elementary school & Middle school with him in Garland before he moved to Rockwall with his Mother & Step Father. We were really good & close friends & kept in touch over the years.
    I just wanna say that Tim is not a horrible person that this reporter is making him out to be. He made a mistake & I do agree he SHOULD be punished & take some of the blame. But don’t talk about him like he’s lower than dirt.
    I have a daughter myself & I couldn’t even begin to imagine what Paige’s family is going through. It IS a terrible tragedy & my sympathy & prayers go out to her family. But I believe BOTH people were at fault & BOTH made wrong choices that night. I know Tim & I know he is not the person you are trying to make him out to be! So please STOP making accusations when you have no idea who he is or what he’s been through or even know the WHOLE/TRUE story of that night.

  16. i think all the other drugs in her system should say something and oh im so sorry her family was broken up. Tim had it a way harder time in his life with family issues. this bitch was a rich slut and got what was coming to her. tim didnt even want her to talk cheese that day. they went and got it came back stop at a gas station and a girl in the car told her what they had gotten and the begged him to go get more. she didnt even know before that point. not to mention she went back out when another guy who has been in connection with 2 other ppl overdosing later after she was told to leave work. so all of u dont know what happened. she did drugs with her mom so if anyone is to blame it is her mom.

  17. I used to know Tim. We grew up together. Its been a long time, but at one point in our lives i would have considered him a VERY close friend, and someone that i cared about immensely, maybe even loved. I never got into the whole drug scene with him, but Tim Salahi liked to live on the edge. Im not surprised by this turn of events, but i am definitely disappointed. That said, i may not have talked to him in a while, but i know Tim. I know the person he is. He is not this person that you are making him out to be. He is most definitely not perfect, and i would be the last person in the world to sing his praises to anyone, but this ‘drug dealer thug’ picture you have painted is not him. He would never intentionally hurt anyone, and in knowing that something he participated in cause this girl her life, im sure he is horrified. People who do drugs dont think logically, and if Tim hadn’t gotten her the drugs then she would have gotten them somewhere else.

    Tim was smart, and he could have had a bright future had the circumstances been different. He is better than this, and i think jail time is not what he needs. He doesn’t deserve 2 minutes in jail let alone 2 years. Before you go throwing the book at him, and damning him to hell for what has happened, you may want to consider that whole ‘right to a fair trial’ and ‘innocent until proven guilty’ cliche.

    Tim is not a killer. He was just a confused kid.

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