Daily Archives: January 27, 2009

Replace the air in your tires with nitrogen like NASCAR does

Just learned that replacing the air in your tires with nitrogen will provide better traction, because it produces constant pressure. That’s why all NASCAR teams now use it for all of their racing tires. Several auto manufacturers recommend it, as well. Apparently it won’t be long before all cars will be required to use nitrogen, just like we’re required to use seat belts.

Finding an auto care shop in Rockwall which has nitrogen is not easy. But I’ve just discovered that Horizon Auto Care Center has it. Horizon’s service manager Cliff Payne said Horizon is the only auto repair shop in Rockwall County which offers nitrogen. It’s located at 5335 Horizon Rd., about one-half mile east of Presbyterian Hospital. Phone is 469-698-8585.

For just $30, Horizon will fill your tires with nitrogen. Then you can pretend you’re a NASCAR driver!