Who is “Pastor” Steve Richardson?

“Pastor” Steve Richardson

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Just who is “Pastor” Steve Richardson, anyway?

According to his MySpace.com website, he’s a 36-year-old
“united methodist preacher serving a church just east of dallas in the great town of royse city.”

He’s been “married for almost 13 years to heidi” and they have three children: robert (9). sean (7) and zuri (6 months).

Following the MySpace form, he writes that he’s a “Straight, White/Caucasian, “Pisces,” Protestant, who’s a “Proud Parent” and “Post Grad” whose hometown is “Plano.”

He further reveals that he graduated from SMU (Southern Methodist University) in 2000 with a Master of Divinity Degree, which he started upon graduation from UNT (University of North Texas) in 1996 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing. He was also a member of the Kappa Alpha fraternity.

Richardson says he loves “all types of music. i grew up listening to heavy metal bands of the 80s but then fell in love with country. now i love it all – hip hop to christian.”

He writes that his favorite TV shows are “24, if it ever returns,” and “i do love ‘earl’ and ‘office.’

He’s had three “friends” post messages on his site since being arrested, with comments ranging from “You’re a good man, Steve,” to “Praying for you, Heidi and the kids” to “We’re all here for you.”


4 responses to “Who is “Pastor” Steve Richardson?

  1. This is another black mark for the methodist church

  2. We can’t believe this sick man was at the Boyd UMC for five years. We don’t think he got like this since he went to Royce City. We wonder if he was into child porn when he was at the Boyd UM Church in Boyd, Tx.This is the second man who was a preacher in churches less than 10 miles from each other. This is sad.

  3. Pray for his family and children.

  4. This man’s allegiances were never to Jesus…but to Satan. Pedophilia has nothing to do with God but everything to do with darkness, Satan himself.

    His children should all be examined for child abuse. There is a CLEAR correlation between child porn and child sexual abuse. What a pig and disgrace to the holy name of Jesus.

    I pray he repents.. and that the children he has violated (through the internet and in person) will be rescued and find healing and wholeness from such torrid perversion.

    What a selfish and evil man.

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