No Democrat to challenge Republican for Rockwall DA post this November

The chairman of the Rockwall County Democratic Party said today that the deadline has now passed and there will be no Democratic candidate for the Rockwall County District Attorney post this November.

This means that Republican Party candidate Kenda Culpepper, a defense attorney and former Dallas County prosecutor, will run unopposed and win the election to fill the two years remaining of former DA Ray Sumrow’s term, barring something unforeseen.

Sumrow resigned in June after being convicted of theft by a public servant. He is currently serving a 15-year prison sentence.

According to Chairman Dr. Stephen Taylor two attorneys who are Democrats had expressed interest in running but decided against doing so after reviewing the possibilities in GOP-dominated Rockwall County. Every other elected position in the County is also currently held by a Republican.

Dr. Tayor said that, while still low, Democratic Party membership in Rockwall has increased considerably since the primary election campaigns of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton generated so much interest, and he’s confident that Democrats will produce a highly-qualified candidate in two years.

GOP candidate Culpepper said she was relieved to hear that she could run uncontested because it would certainly be easier and a lot less expensive. She said she remained hopeful that Republican Gov. Rick Perry would soon appoint her on an interim basis until the election.

First Assistant DA Craig Stoddart has been running the office during the interim but has not been interested in campaigning for the actual DA position.

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