County DA election may be very hotly-contested

Now that former County DA Ray Sumrow has resigned due to his convictions for theft and because he is in jail, beginning his 15 year prison sentence which will be appealed, the campaign to elect a new DA this November may be the most hotly-contested local race in years.

Already, rumor has it, several Democrats and Republicans are laying the groundwork for Fall campaigns. Anybody knows who planning to run?

Although Republicans currently hold every elected  County position,  County Democratic Party Chairman Dr. Stephen  Taylor says that the national momentum energized by the Obama/Clinton campaigns could easily generate enough support locally for a Democrat to be elected.

“We had a very successful primary, a very successful county convention and a very successful state convention. And the emotions at all of those were very intense,” Dr. Taylor said. “This is a real force that’s swelling up and growing, and it’s going to change the politics of Rockwall County.”

I certainly did notice the hundreds of Democrats at my voting precinct who attended their caucus meetings after they voted in the Texas primary election. The turnout was amazing!

Until that election, or unless Gov. Rick Perry decides to appoint someone else until the election, first Assistant DA Craig Stoddart holds the position after taking over in March.  Rumor has it that Craig is not interested in campaigning and is happy to continue as an assistant DA.

Stay tuned for more rumors…and facts.

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