Royse City man shot and killed in Lake Pointe Church parking lot

A Royse City man was shot and killed today in the parking lot of Lake Pointe Church in Rockwall when he pulled or waved a gun at an off-duty Garland policeman who was trying to diffuse a road rage incident.

Apparently Troy Van Pool, 31, had forced a male employee of Lake Pointe to pull over into the parking lot. After quite a bit of screaming, which was witnessed by a number of adults and children, Van Pool brandished a gun and the policeman fired several shots, killing the enraged driver instantly.

The other driver was not harmed. He apparently works as a coach at the mega-church, which has a membership of over 10,000 people. It is located on the feeder road South of I-30, next to Discount Tires and the Chamber of Commerce.

According to media reports, the dead man was married, had a son, plus many relatives in the Royse City area.

Already some conflicting reports are coming in, suggesting that Van Pool must have felt threatened himself or he would never have waved a gun at the policeman.

Stay tuned for more info. The media is buzzing about this tragic incident.


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