Commissioners trick voters, approve courts building anyway

In a stunning announcement yesterday, Rockwall County’s commissioners used some trickery and voted 3 to 2 to approve the building of a new $30 million courts building on a site where voters have twice rejected it over the past few years!
I’m infuriated! How dare these lawmakers!
Quoting from the story in yesterday’s Dallas Morning News:


Rockwall County commissioners this week voted to build a $30 million courts building on the site where voters twice rejected a $29 million government center.
Commissioners in a 3-2 vote decided to issue limited tax notes, which don’t require voter approval, to plan and build the 117,000-square-foot building on county-owned land at T.L. Townsend Drive and Interstate 30.
Who voted how:
Commissioners Bruce Beaty, who will leave office Jan. 1, and Jerry Wimpee voted with Mr. Florance. Ms. Grinnan and Commissioner David Magness voted no.
What was their justification for ignoring voters, to issue “limited tax notes” which don’t require voter approval?
County Judge Chris Florance said officials could wait no longer because they need the space and construction costs are rising 9 percent a year.
“We felt like we needed to make some hard decisions, so we did,” he said. “We’re going to save the taxpayers millions and millions by getting a building out of the ground now.”
Quite coincidentally, on the same day that California’s Supreme Court voted 4 to 3 to overrule California voters and legalize gay marriage in that state, both that Supreme Court and our County Commissioners decided to take the law into their own hands.
Apparently they think they know better! Time to show them differently!

3 responses to “Commissioners trick voters, approve courts building anyway

  1. Sick of Rockwall Corruption

    Judge Florance is a dissappointment. He won on the Lake Pointe vote for supposedly being a man of character and God, but he has shown he is nothing but a crook. He raised his salary more than doubling it to over 100K, he snuck in Barbara barber as the head of the tax office, without advertising the position or offering it on merit. He falsefied his own company’s filings. He falsified a public document as he certainly is not arraigning prisoners 40% of the time. And he has no experience as a legal specialist and no law degree qualifying him to hear misdeameanor cases. The man is an idiot. Then we had the government center, Chris managed to sneak it passed the voters without public input or say. Chris never stopped the Nepotism in the county government. Bill Bell’s daughter is still in the DA’s office. An entire family is in Holloway’s office. Lucila Bell is still the only paid member of Casa and is on the library board. Every good ole boy’s wife is on the library board or is appointed to some committee. I don’t know with all the years that Chris Florance has been out here, which rock he crawled out from, but I wish he would sure crawl right back into the gutter.


    (a) The commissioners court of a county by order, on the
    recommendation of the county auditor or the county budget officer, as
    applicable, or the governing body of an eligible countywide district
    may authorize the issuance of an anticipation note.”

    Reason 1: To issue anticipation note, the County Auditor would have to have recommended it. THE COUNTY AUDITOR NEVER RECOMMENDED ISSUING ANTICIPATION NOTES.

    Violation 2:

    >> (a) Anticipation notes issued for the purposes described by
    Section 1431.004(a)(2) may not, in the fiscal year in which the attorney general approves the notes:

    (2) for a county or an eligible countywide district, exceed 50 percent of the revenue or taxes anticipated to be collected in that

    Reason 2: The notes cannot exceed 50% of the revenue anticipated for that year. The bond was for 30 million, the anticipated revenue for
    the county is less than 30 million. The County would have needed a minimum of $60 million in revenue to meet this requirement, we have below half that.

    Violation 3:

    (a) A governing body may not issue anticipation notes that are payable from bonds secured by an ad valorem tax unless the proposition authorizing the issuance of the bonds: (1) is approved by a majority of the votes cast in an election held by the issuer; and (2) states that anticipation notes may be issued.
    (b) A governing body that pledges to the payment of anticipation notes an ad valorem tax to be imposed in a subsequent fiscal year shall impose the tax in the ordinance or order that
    authorizes the issuance of the notes.

    Reason 3: This bond is being paid for by an increase in AD VALOREM Property Taxes. In order to do this the commissioners court would
    have to have passed this by the majority of the county voters.

  3. Not Voting Ever Again For Chris Florance

    State law requires this bond for the government center, which is supposedly an emergency, in that we MUST build it……. to be paid back within 7 years. The auditor and idiot county judge Chris Florance missed on that. So imagine paying a 30 million dollar bond back in 7 years. At this rate, they are going to run everyone out of the county.

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